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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Filming so many different endings really sucks the life out of the crowning moment. That felt so flat… just one of many takes. I get why they have to do something to keep it secret but it needs to feel like a moment as well.
  2. Given that every other tiny bit of info from each season leaks anyway, (including moments way bigger/more shocking than the actual winner sometimes), is there really any need to film multiple endings? The people who want to avoid spoilers usually manage regardless.
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  3. What a fantastic season. So thrilled for Kylie and Ra’jah!
  4. Not sure it was about spoilers this time around. I think they genuinely didn’t know who they were crowning until last week and took into account social media this time around. They had filmed ties for every possible alternative this season just so they wouldn’t have an AS4 situation, allegedly.
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  5. They did her a favor by keeping it in. She dealt with it like a pro, it was the most/only exciting part of the performance, and probably got her the crown.
  6. I guess if they'd filmed one win back then it'd have been Ginger so we can be thankful in this case.
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  7. Me having to google Tucker whomever after hearing about her for the first time


    Doing all that hyping up to bury her 1 millisecond verse underneath RuPaul's robocop vocals


    I was rooting for Rah'jah (what a redemption, she is the moment!) but I'm really happy that the delicious Kylie Sonique Love got it. We love talent, we love trans-visibility, we love the skimpy-bedazzlements fantasy.
  8. Did we really need more shots of Ginger trotting slowly across the stage when Ra’Jah was serving excellence in that lip sync. They did her dirty.
  9. They film multiple ending because they choose the winner a day ahead of the airing based on what is the general consensus of the audience.

    Based on today's editing, IMO, they were set to crown either Eureka or Ra'Jah. The whole "Ginger you are of the biggest star to come out of the show" and Kylie's falling during the lip sync, lean towards a crowning for someone else.

    Just like most of you, I'm sorry for Ra'Jah but I'm happy and glad that Kylie won. At the end of the game, as we said before, it was anybody's game this season and either all or none of them deserved the crown at this point.
  10. Holy Shit Rajah's finally runway made me GASP. Add it to the legendary purple looks list.
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  11. My biggest takeaway from this boring finale is how much better it would've been with Trinity K. Bonet, who deserved the crown over everyone and would've ate. Congratulations Kylie and thank you most of all for preventing a Ginger win even though my heart wanted Ra'Jah the most.
  12. Ginger must wanna die. Congrats, Kylie!
  13. Justice would have been a triple crowning for Trinity, Kylie, and Ra'Jah, but I am over the moon for Miss Kylie Sonique Love. An iconic winner from a truly unforgettable All Stars season (Ginger aside). When Ru said that she was one of the biggest stars that's come out of the show? It's just not realistic.

    The country song was -- cute. I honestly hate whenever the final song is anything but a diss/flex track a la Read You Wrote You or Category Is. I lowkey don't want to hear the girls auto-tune sing a couple boring bars. I want to hear clever lyrics and rapping. Also, what is Ru's obsession with America? Girl -- we ain't that great.
  14. Ginger's shouldn't be bitter. Kylie also won 2 mini challenges!
  15. Yeah like their verses on Read U Wrote U are sooo long in comparison to the like 2 measly sentences they got here. And yeah, I prefer when it's more of a flex track than an empowerment verse like this was. Like they already did empowerment verses on Show Up Queen.
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  16. The girlies after having to film ten different endings and listening to Stupid Love four+ times...

    I was definitely rooting for Ra'Jah like many here but am also ecstatic for Kylie. A very strong contender and it's hard to argue that she didn't fully deserve the crown too.
  17. So pleased Kylie won!!

    Can we now all stop hating on Ginger a bit? Some posts are making me feel a tiny bit uncomfortable.

    She hasn’t really done anything awfully wrong, she’s a talented professional Queen who can be just a little bit annoying sometimes, but she’s hardly a true villain.
  18. Such a shame we won’t ever see Ginger’s real reaction to losing.
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  19. They always film the moment they watch the ‘real’ ending, that’s bound to get uploaded by the weekend.
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