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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Yeah, ranking AS3 and AS5 together was really tricky - ultimately, AS3 just clinched it as (for me) it has a higher rewatch value with a more evenly talented cast, with Shangela, Aja, Kennedy, Bebe, and Chi Chi providing some particularly amusing moments.

    Whilst AS5 at least got the ending correct, it was a fucking dry journey to get there (with only Jujubee and Alexis able to offer some comedic relief), and had a painfully predictable top 3. I genuinely have no idea what episode I'd even go back to watch from AS5... the first one, maybe? I never thought Derrick Barry's presence would end up being a bizarre highlight, but there you go.
  2. The only episode worth rewatching in AS5 is Snatch Game, where India stirs the shit between Alexis and Shea. That’s a 10/10 episode. The rest? Keep it.
  3. I'd argue that the momentum of the series ground to a halt after snatch game.

    Once again the producers work themselves into these situations where the queens they perceive to be popular and what the audience wants to see really just deflate an otherwise great season.

    Kylie is an incredible winner and I enjoyed her performance throughout the season, but the lack of wins when she excelled and a win that didn't feel altogether deserved means that the win looks a little underwhelming. Especially to the social media users obsessed with track records.
  4. AS2 is still the holy grail of All Stars however AS6 is the season with the most heart.

    AS3 is just pure evil, what with the jury of eliminated Queens and all that under his eye crap.

    AS5 is like watching paint dry and AS4 is great until halfway and then swan dives off a cliff.
  5. I'm rewatching Season 12 and I need Ru to shut the fuck up about El Debarge whenever he sees Crystal.

    Saying that should have been Crystal's Snatch Game choice, no.
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  6. Why did Kylie not wear her lipsync outfit as the runway and vice versa?!
  7. The episode did feel a bit like one where Ra'Jah is being set up as the winner. I love Kylie and I'm glad she won, but from a whole season perspective it felt like Ra'Jahs to me. I hope she's proud of everything she accomplished because she absolutely knocked it out of the park.
  8. It gets a bad rep (because it’s shit) but, ignoring Mimi and Pandora, AS1 had the most balanced cast. I would have been happy with any one of them winning. The talent and variety on display between those queens is so good.

    After Kylie’s win I hope they give older season queens more focus. I feel like they always just throw them in as a gag hire as the majority of AS queens are season 5 and beyond.
  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    AS2 is easily the best 100% but I don’t know, the complete messiness and flop of AS1 is more appealing to me than AS5 which, other than Shea winning, is a complete non-event.
  10. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I am shrieking at Ra'jah and Eureka genuinely being so happy for Kylie and Ginger barely keeping her disdain under the surface.
  11. Ra’Jah’s reaction to the ‘trip ‘n’ roll’TM was hilarious, I guess she was too gagged to jump from her seat like I almost did
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  12. AS1 is now more funny to look back on and rewatch because the girls who deserved a fair shot have now had that.

    At the time it just felt like a middle finger to basically everyone involved except Chad ddd.
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  13. They all knew already, didn't they?
  14. The jump from 1:54 and then Eureka's dress being completely soaked is sending me.

    Love their reactions, Kylie is so deserving and you can see how moved she was.
  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The RuPaul Drag Race icon being over Ginger’s face in the still is just twisting the knife in even more fjfjfkslsksbj
  16. Ginger's "so are you gonna share the money?" like she didn't already get $60k from the season...

    I genuinely got a bit emotional when Kylie reached over and embraced Ra'Jah: it felt like they had built an especially close friendship this season, and it was wonderful to see.
  17. Aww, Kylie's reaction was so wholesome! You can see her literally realizing what just had happened on her face.
  18. The way Kylie launched herself up off that chair and into Eureka’s arms….. that was so pure and warmed my heart so damn much.

    Kylie paying Ginger dust and instead hugging Rajah and Eureka. It seems correct to me.
  19. Finally watched and I’m absolutely thrilled for Kylie but also equally as gutted for Ra’Jah!

    They were definitely my top 2 and I wish THIS had been the first double crowing.
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