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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Rose is the only queen that manages to look manlier with tons of make up on her face.
  2. A cute video Symone did for a Lebanese LGBT magazine.

  3. It looks like she’s trying to do Trixie Mattel cosplay. She’s failing.
  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Just rewatched AS6 and this is still sooooo good

  5. Spending my Christmas reckoning with the fact I unironically adore this song


    Maybe I don't deserve rights
  6. Cheryl and Lemon did not deserve this level of disrespect.
  7. This is a nightmare.
  8. Speaking of Jan, I'm currently rewatching All Stars 6 with my housemate, and while Jan was fairly mediocre throughout, I'll don't think I'll ever not find it funny that she was eliminated in a girl group challenge, over another girl whose verse was basically:

  9. Remember when we thought ‘game within a game’ was going to be a whole lot of nothing and then it turned out to be actually rather entertaining?

    I mean.. I was surprised
  10. AS6 had a lot of super fun lipsynchs, Coco vs Yara, Trinity vs Laganja, Ginger vs Mayhem, Trinity vs Alexis, Silky's Barbie Girl, Jan vs Jessica (for all the wrong reasons dd)
  11. This is the reason why Miss You Much is in my top 10 listened to songs this year.
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  12. Jan WISHES she could be half as talented as Astrud Aurelia.
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  13. I’m rewatching season 8 first episode and Robbie Turner really had the best lines.

    Why can’t they keep doing the photoshoot challenge for every season by bringing back queens who won? It’s so shady and I was living. Mathu’s remarks were scathing.
  14. I love when he tells Dax “show me your exclamation point” and Dax gets a shade noise for quite understandably not knowing what the fuck that means
  15. Him to Laila:

    “You’re like a dog trying to poop!”

    And then cue the faces the winning queens behind were making. Especially Violet. SCREAM!
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  16. Wasn't sure if Queen of the Universe was being discussed anywhere else, but just watched the finale. What a winner.

    Grag Queen is the moment. Getting Leona Lewis of all people to drop an f-bomb? That's reserved only for icons. And the Grand National.

    Also, that theme song is a total bop. I'm positive that's Leona's vocal on the main one, but it's not available anywhere. The winner's version is out there now though, and it's great.
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  17. I wont post it here because I'm not homophobic, but they posted some kind of Season 14 Would You Rather garbage on youtube and I genuinely hope every one of these queens are eliminated in episode one and the US franchise is cancelled. Bosco and the uncanny valley one can stay but the rest need to give the gig up.
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  18. Super late to the party but seeing the artwork for Race Chaser Classique Season 7 with Willam dressed as Katya is such a full circle moment because I distinctly remember Katya being written off as a Willam wannabe based off her promo pic.
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