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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

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  2. Great episode, they all did really well.

    Willow was great. And I know there's not a lot of love for her on here but Camden killed her song.

    Subtle stunts and being cunt always tops choreo and hair whips for me.
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  3. I adore Bosco, but she came across as dead in the eyes/desperate onstage and frankly lost all three.
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  4. If there was any season we didn't need the gimmicks, the surprises and the twists, it's this season. The cast is really strong without all the "We gotta keep the show fresh and exciting" nonsense.
  5. Does Diana have any songs similar to Swept Away? I’d never listened to it before and when I tell you I’ve been addicted
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  6. I did like both Bosco and Jasmine but they just weren’t showing emotion and attitude. It was of course technically great dancing though.
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  7. It’s a career highlight but you might like Eaten Alive and Paradise (in fact, the whole Workin’ Overtime album is a bit of an underrated gem).
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  8. The real tea is Angeria shoulda been in the final two.
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  9. In my head Deja was eliminated and I’m celebrating that.
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  10. I'd listen to all her 80s albums if I were you!
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  11. I was not on the train to Camden for a while, but she's a brilliant performer. She absolutely nailed her songs.

    Agree with pretty much everything else. Jasmine's an absolutely fantastic performer, but there's sometimes just too many tricks and splits going on. However, she deserves to stay over both Deja and Daya in my opinion.

    Willow to take this whole damn thing. Seriously, my favourite Drag Race queen in forever. I fucking love her.
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  12. I love 'Ross' from '83. And if anyone reading this hasn't seen the surrealist camp masterpiece that is the 'Pieces Of Ice' video... your life will never be the same.

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  13. I find Camden’s aesthetics to be severely unpleasing to my eyes ddd.

  14. Season 13 (Bafflingly) continuing to win awards urgh

    Willow was amazing this week, she did the damn thing
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  15. Noah fence to Daya Betty, but she is the personification of the gay on Grindr who loses their shit if you don’t reply within 5 seconds.
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  16. RJF


    If I was Ru I would have eliminated Deja on the spot for thinking that being safe meant she could wear that on the runway.
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  17. R92


    Yeah, I like that the filming of the lipsyncs themselves seemed a lot more dynamic. It reminded me of this killer moment from Drag Race Thailand and one of the best lipsyncers to ever come out of the franchise. It's amazing how it can elevate an already killer performance.

  18. I know Ru was never going to run the risk of losing Willow this soon, but I do think Bosco just edged her out during 'Never Too Much' - you could tell during the performance that Bosco knows and loves the song - Willow was missing a little something for me.
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  19. See I thought Willow aced it. She got just the right vibe for me. I didn't connect with Bosco in that one at all.
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