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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Top two in the fandom or not this is where I stand:
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  2. Who wins the most challenges hasn't mattered in years.
  3. Willow should've worn the rat look for the stupid worship runway, and saved the mushroom look for her final runway.
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  4. I concur with this. If you’re going to measure it purely on the measure of uniqueness, Willow has it sewn up. But if you are going to bring other metrics into it - take talent, you can at least argue that Camden outperformed her (and most others) in Daytona Winds, the Rusical, the Roast, Snatch (this one was a low bar, granted), Catwalk. Of course there are challenges where the opposite is true, but to suggest Camden is not a viable favourite is - I think - pretty unfair when she’s crushed half the season.

    Willow would be the most individual and exciting in most casts but that was true when she walked in the door, I’m not sure it should be the only thing on the checklist 14 weeks down the line in a competition setting.
  5. Camden... is just an easy pick for the Drag Race team, she's a great performer, does great in every challenge, has served some moments, is nice and not afraid to let her guard down, is funny in an endearing way, her drag is okay to great... all the pieces are there, she is a safe winner if they pick her. She also has that 'not too femme / pretty in drag, you can still tell it's a man' thing that Ru loves for some reason. We all know she detests absolutely perfect queens like Valentina, Naomi, Tayce etc.

    Willow though has all the above and so much more, which makes her the correct winner. But I totally understand if Camden is crowned.
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  6. Yeah Camden lacks, for all the talent in the world, the UNPH of gasping when she walks around the corner.
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  7. I would agree generally with that, though she has gooped me twice with the runway, once this week in her final runway (stunning) and once with the whole faux trip MOMENT.
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  8. She's a safe choice that makes sense for the brand and also financially. I could see her judging or hosting Drag Race UK at some point too.
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  9. Camden is an easily palatable talented queen, but really doesn't have anything massively special about her.
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  10. I just don't see Ru going for Camden, she isn't the type of queen that resonates with her - flashbacks to the 'weaponised BFA' fatality delivered to Ella and the 'thanks for participating' that Rosé got. Her talent is undeniable but there's the spark and surprise that Willow brings, and Ru clearly adores, which means I don't think she really stands a chance.
  11. They are clearly the top two, however the top 1 is about twice as popular.
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  12. Cast reveal at 5pm UK time. Seems like it's being labelled as All Stars 7.

  13. I've just started AS6 (I have 0 idea who wins or any moments from this season) and Ra'jah + Scarlet are already giving me club 96 overlooked icons energy. Yara's tiddies will probably beat everyone for the crown.
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  14. Weird they're not labeling it as something else.
  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I don't know but I doubt they'll really have this labelled as All Stars 7 - it would be a bigger gag for people to think it's AS7 then actually realise it's an all winners series when the trailer's premiered?
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  16. The description of the video spoils that it’s all winners

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  17. Surprised that they haven't plowed on with a regular All Stars and a winners' season
  18. I would've thought they'd go with RuPaul's Drag Race: Superstars
  19. I am sure there are spoilers out there (which I am trying to avoid) but I can't imagine exciting winners like Violet coming back on the show. It's probably going to be Trinity, Bebe and Yvie and we will have to deal.
  20. I think they went with AS7 so that they can sell the whole AS franchise to streaming platforms and not have All Winners be a stand alone programme. It makes sense licence-wise.
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