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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. I love when the guest judges are actual fans of the show.

  2. Kerri is doing a club event and brunch in my city. I'm ready to see God.
  3. Diaz to replace Visage as a judge IMMEDIATELY
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  4. Nn not Kornbread dragging Voss contracts and Kerri kinda joining in...
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  5. We deserve a Cameron Diaz resurgence. Queen needs to get back in the biz.
  6. I miss her so much, but she went out on a high with The Other Woman
  7. This video simply is the greatest piece of drag race related media out there. Better than a handful of a seasons even.
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  8. WAIT, this is actually a great tour.

  9. Sam


    It was a good watch, but the crunchy audio and layout on that long table with them all staring straight ahead and speaking into fresh air was a scream
  10. The promo circuit for this has made me fall in love with Jaida all over again. What a radiant, warm, talented and modest queen. The fact people said she didn't deserve her win hurts my heart a bit.
  11. Jaida has that same Priyanka vibe where the oddness and the kook just shows up everyone who's taking it so seriously, Yvie included. She reminds you that it's all just a fun show whilst serving GLAMOUR pageant darling
  12. This and Camden’s ‘I still don’t know any of you.’ Ha!

    Very happy with the finale, for me absolutely the best two performances made the top two. Daya did great but she would have had to undeniably stomp the rest to make the top two, really. Love Camden but didn’t love the idea to repeat the trip, if she wanted to throw a wig off her head with force she should have done the tumble/roll Willow did. I think Willow soundly won, and agree with all the decisions really!

    I like that they all got a chance to showcase solo again but not really here for the return to those kind of songs. They should just get the chance to perform to anything they want as a showcase.

    Still, a great winner, a great cast and a cracking season.
  13. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

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  14. The All Stars 7 Roundtable (though the physical set up of the table was so awkward) was so fun to watch. I genuinely can’t wait for this season. I hope it will remedy the awful taste UK vs The World left in my mouth and actually be an enjoyable viewing experience.
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  15. Jasmine, Lady Camden and Kerri came across the best in the Reunion.

    What a wonderful Season it was.
  16. Raja just hit 1m on Instagram [​IMG]

    Now let's get Jaida there.
  17. The girls being so ready to say how Yvie has demonstrated the greatest growth, coupled with me having just watched her solo BTS EW video has made me notice almost… a shift in her? Even down to the way she talks. She seems much more relaxed and likeable than how she came across during her original run for me. I thought I wouldn’t care about her being back on my screen, but now I am actually looking forward to seeing what she does.
  18. rdp


    Yvie didn't need to humiliate the other girls like that...
  19. Very excited about ASW. I would have rather Divina won and she continues to say things from time to time I really don't like, but Vivienne does exude winner energy and it does really feel like she can hold her own credibly in this cast in a way I think Lawrence or Krystal might have struggled (the former due to her style of drag which maybe wouldn't translate for a US version of the show as well, and the latter due to her age and being a bit overawed by it?).

    Also Cynthia (still the most random Miss Congeniality of the franchise) is serving cucu in her new track. It's a bop!
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