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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. The Crystal comparisons...I see em. It's the big mouth and Midwestern accent.
  2. Trixie: So what did you think of Jan?
    Kennedy: *Sigh* I just need a moment.

    Someone convince Kennedy to join the forum, she's one of us.
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  3. God I love Kennedy
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  4. Marilyn in 1962
  5. suspicious deaths:
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  6. I found her to be really unlikeable in Season 11 but the bits of promo I’ve seen of her this time around have been really great! I’m excited to see what she brings!
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  7. The absolute hustle Eve 6000 puts in on Twitter is quite admirable.

    Maybe she really did have a trick up her sleeve.
  8. So this is now the ninth(?) Drag Race franchise? It's becoming impossible to keep track of everything, even as a huge fan.

    Happy for the Belgian drag fans though.
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  9. She MUST have those notifications turned on for every Ru girl that’s ever competed because she comments on literally every single Ru girl tweet dddd.
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  10. [​IMG]

    Looks like Aja is on S3 of Legendary, Bob is also a guest judge on one episode.
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  11. Eve 6000 spills a bit sometimes
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  12. Hashtag Eve6000 was right about everything
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  13. BTG


    That performance on Kelly Clarkson’s terrible chat show really reminded me that Yvie will eat a lot of these girls up in a lip sync.

  14. Yara’s Jessica Wild’s Rupaul was the best mess.
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  15. That's Jessica Wild! Put some respect on her name ddd
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  16. MS WILD, I’m so sorry sweetie. KASKSKKFKF
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  17. Sederginne was born in Belgium. She could win this time.
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