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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Alexa play About Damn Time
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  2. This is long, but is a well constructed, very thoughtful video.

    Ra’jah’s S11 run was one of show’s lowest moments in terms of a relentlessly unfair edit. Giving her the flowers she deserved on AS6 was the least they could do.
  3. Get Peppermint on All Stars.

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  5. The BEAUTY in this photo.
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  8. The promo circuit for All Stars 7 has been so heavy. Possibly the biggest ever - hopefully the season lives up to its potential.
  9. Solenciennes

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    I’ve been rewatching season 3 to be reminded of Raja’s excellence and the way the Heathers are pressed at Shangela not possessing any of the skills to make her own looks… how times have changed!
  10. The fact Shangela made it as far as she did on pure charisma, with no makeup or construction skills to speak of. A queen.
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  11. Raja moving from uppity LA fashion snob into mushy weed brain Yoga mom is my favourite pipeline. You can tell how over being a "RU GIRL!!!!" she is just from the promo interviews alone ajkajskajdkl. I'll be relentlessly stanning throughout

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  12. Season 3 is the stuff of dreams. Bulletproof season and strongest top2 ever.
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  13. I really hope this season doesn't beat us over the head with the very obvious Monet vs Trinity "who is really the better winner out of the double winner season?" storyline.
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  14. Too obvious a route to go. We already know the answer is Monet.
  15. Monet is one of the queens I'm most excited to see on this season. She seems to have had a huge glow up since she won and despite winning was admittedly lacking in some areas during AS4 but I feel like she really knows what she's doing now. I guess that could be said for most of these queens though...

    ...apart from Raja who knew what she was doing from the get go and wasn't lacking in any department.
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  16. The AS7 promo cycle is...insane. And yet Jaida's looked flawless at every single appearance!
  17. I mean, all the girls look flawless at every promo event they have been too.
    I'm glad they are treating this season like the EVENT it's sure to be, and you know these queens will maximize the spectacle and know just how excited fans are for an all winners season.

    I hope all these great promo opportunities....entice some really heavy hitters for a second winners season.
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  18. The runways this season are going to gag, I can feel it in my bones.
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