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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Wait. Not Cameron saying Ru's song title wrong and them just keeping it in.
  2. I could watch this snatch game all day
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  3. Jinkx fucking KILLED Snatch Game. That's my mama
  4. This feels like a true celebration of these legendary winners. No bad critiques, no low placements, just appreciation at the talentry. They really nailed the tone of what an All Winners season should be. I even love that stupid plunger.

    The episode 1 lipsync song is the peak of camp.
  5. The Jinkx Judy Snatch Game was high art.
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  6. Wait the Old Macdonald lipsync is one of my favorite ever?

    I love this season so far.
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  7. Jinkx dominated Snatch Game like no other. She actively hijacked it and claimed all screen time for herself. It was both brilliant and competitive.

    Yeah by episode 2 it's clear that the point of the critiques is not who gets a negative note but who gets the highest praise, because it might put a target on their back.

    I'm not surprised they managed to get the queens to sign up for this format.
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  8. Oh my god that snatch game was just something else.
  9. The plunger is even more stupid than 'It's chocolate', I love it
  10. This is Victory Lap television. Jinx's Judy was drag, reverent homage (the microphone cord over the shoulder!) and sketch comedy at its finest.

  11. What an incredible first two episodes and start to the season. The runways are as strong as I hoped, the talent is unmatched, the format is refreshing and eliminations are (so far) not missed. I don't think they're going to have any trouble getting some of the other biggest hitters to sign up for Winners season 2 if the same momentum is kept up for the rest of the season.
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    I've just finished the first episode (while working! Multitasking queen, if you ask me) and what a blast. Everyone's bringing their A-game, the whole thing is pouring with joy! Cameron D was a fantastic judge, by the way! And I don't mean Carson, I mean the actual Cameron! If the rest of the season is like this it's going to be a triumph (and it will probably attract other winners to get into a second season).
  13. Jaida's Prince has me gasping for air.
    "I'm sexy. ... I'm a man."
  14. This is definitely going to be up there as one of the best
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  15. The one thing that this is missing is some kind of leaderboard to track who the front runners are at the end of each episode. (Not that we need that at this point)
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  16. Jinkx was THRILLING. Loved Raja also getting her flowers.
  17. It really is Monsoon season ladies.
  18. How smart is Jinkx mentioning Veteran Dave from S5, I was on the floor. That was the best snatch game performance ever.
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  19. Say what you want about Trinity, but she is a fantastic Drag Race contestant. Like, 11/10 good to be honest… what a tremendous cast! These two episodes are already up there with the best of the whole franchise.
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  20. Yeah Trinity was extremely entertaining, are people mainly down on her because of the whole SheDevil thing? Because she utterly excels on TV. Great talking heads, great runways, great performances, you literally couldn't ask for anything more from a Drag Race contestant.

    Monet always feel to me like someone who should be good at Snatch Game but is actually kind of middling. It goes without saying that Jinkx demolished but I would never have expected otherwise.
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