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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. BTG


    Also did they film the winners lip sync before the runway in the second episode? Half the queens were back in their Snatch Game drag for the lip sync and half were in their runways.
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  2. Jaida is the cutest person that’s ever existed.
  3. I hope the Pit Stop will be as fun as this episode was:

    Also as much as I love her, this reminds me how out of her league Trixie would be in this season.

    That is explained in Untucked. Remember that if you're not watching Untucked you only get half the story.
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  4. Trinity saying “they changed it to drag Queen” actually took me out a bit. Not gonna lie
  5. Jinkx is an absolute star. I love all the queens and how much of a celebration of drag All Winners is.

    And it’s so refreshing to watch Drag Race without shady producer edits forcing a narrative down our throats. I’m not angry at any of the decisions so far.
  6. Is Ru wearing earlobe prosthetics in episode 1? I’m watching for the first time on a 4K TV and something’s off.
  7. Honestly I'm still thinking about Jinkx's Judy Garland. The best executed Snatch Game performance in years, possibly ever?
  8. Seeing Jinx with a budget for runway is mind blowing.

    To date, Jinx has always been my favourite winner. The fact that her impersonation of Natasha was neither here or there, but Judy completely wiped the floor.

    As much as I have never been a big fan of
    Trinity during S9 or AS4, especially with her extremely questionable Reddit past, she was hilarious as the personification of (basically) HIM from The Powerpuff Girls and Leslie Jordan.

    I’m not sure if it’s a strategic long term decision, but the lip sync song choices have been hard. I wonder whether they will keep it up, but they are really challenging the queens.
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  9. Just... where to even begin? Two episodes in and this already a top tier season. I love the twist of there being no eliminations, it really takes the pressure off the queens and encourages them to take more risks and more importantly, just have fun. I think this should be the format for All Stars going forward.

    Jinkx is an absolute treasure. I was a little worried for Raja being a bit out of her league since her last season was over a decade ago, but she hasn't lost a step. Those two delivered some of the best Snatch Games ever. I haven't seen Season 12 but Jaida is everything... her pleather runway oh my god.
  10. Monét doing her Drag Race Survivor bit is killing me ddd
  11. These were some of the best Snatch Game performances of all time and really distinguished the best of the best among these queens.

    Madame, Diana, Satan, Leslie, Prince, and Mike were executed perfectly. Madame in particular was just stunning. The look but also the physicality. And I was obsessed with Jaida’s Prince—quiet and off-kilter.

    But, Judy. Good god what a genius performance. Jinkx completely stole that stage, weaving stories and memes across decades of the franchise. Just sublime.
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  12. My favorite part of Snatch Game? There was zero confessionals. No shade being thrown amongst them in the confessionals like there usually is. We just got to watch them all do their thing. It was excellent.
    Jaida as Prince... I'm kind of hot and bothered? She looked great.

    This season already feels like such a celebration of drag and of these amazing talents. I wish every season of Drag Race felt like this- or at least the All Stars seasons. This is so thoroughly enjoyable and not having to watch queens be torn down or anything is really a welcomed change.
  13. Yeah, Jaida as Prince has awakened something sexual in me that I didn’t know existed.

    Jinkx’s Judy/Natasha double whammy is hands down the best Snatch Game performance in the entire run of the show. A star.

    The runways across the board have been glorious. What a cast. What a season so far.
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  14. The editing in the Jinkx Monet blocking chat skdjdkjskskk

    Serving early Untucked up next realness.
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  15. I'm just here to say: The level of sheer excellence all around is breathtaking. These queens are so good, so polished, so funny. It is above and beyond. Jinkx is my favorite for life, this cements it. She really is a swamp witch of drag.
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  16. Girls... girls. The first episode was cute but that snatch game sent me to the casket shop. Raja's "purple mittens" with that Nina Bonina Brown mug transformation had me on the floor. My queen really fired two perfect snatches out of her drag gun and would have cleared any other season had she not been against potentially the funniest queen in the entire franchise?

    When Jinkx picked up that mic all i could think of was this piece of queer memorabilia;

    She really took her time and made sure she wrung every laugh out of every joke. When i tell you my lungs were exhausted. COVID whomst? Renee Zellweger found scribbling in Bridget Jones' Diary! The only real dud was Yvie who... looked hot as fuck in both of her outfits so who cares! There's so much more i wanna say but i'm always writing novels in this thread so let me rest my pen

  17. This is excellent! Great combination of queens. Such an enjoyable watch with the new format and glad we get to see what they all bring every week.
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  18. The Judy Garland Show is true queer herstory, and on that subject let’s celebrate the single best live performance ever recorded.

    Jinkx Monsoon you will always be famous.
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  19. They really have been trying to force Survivor-isms into Drag Race for so long now

    They'll have "immunity idols" next that will block the winner from blocking them
  20. Some of these drag tots who don't know their Herstory must be gagged at the level of CUNT Raja exudes without even trying
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