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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. BTG


    Dave… If you're watching… You're not responsible, darling.

    It's alright…

    You're forgiven...


  2. A serve.
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  3. I absolutely loved both episodes of this so far. Every girl there has charisma and confidence in spades, and I like that the judges are really just there to praise them and have a good time. Great fun.
  4. I was in fits of laughter when this happened! God Jinx is truly amazing.
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  5. Raja's pleather look is one of my all time favourites from the show.
  6. Also kind of goes without saying but I hope Jaida knows how much of a ray of light she is. Just a class act and hearing how she felt her win wasn't 'the same' as the other girls broke my heart; especially when we know a lot would have come from shitty fans
  7. These first two episodes were incredible. The sheer amount of talent on that runway was just magical. This new format is the best idea they’ve had in long time!
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  8. chadmichaels_YES!...yes.mp3
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  9. AHHH half an hour of Pit Stop is my favourite weekly activity, that was a great episode and I agreed with them on basically every single thing.
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  10. The only downfall of the positive edit is making it look like Yvie has given anything of value ddd. Her reads... should have been edited out altogether.
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  11. I've defended Yvie a lot in here, but...not anymore nn. I stan a lot of her previous looks for the nerve alone (dinosaur, the sweats), but everything she's presented this season is so thoughtless and juvenile. The crayon look was giving Keighlynn's mom's Pinterest board, and not in an ironic way. She and Vivienne are the clear weak links.
  12. Yeah, this is a fucking joy to watch. It almost feels weird to be actively rooting for a Drag Race season after so many years of more or less demonic energy. You girls have already pointed out the reasons, so I'm just going to highlight a few of my personal favorite things and moments so far:
    • Jaida doing Prince is... the hottest thing I have ever witnessed. I don't think I have been more turned on by anyone in my entire life. Also, Jaida in general is so endearing and a heartwarming delight.
    • Raja's "She's Crowning" runway look! I don't think it's been praised enough. And the fact that she made it herself too... shoot. I also love her werkroom energy, it's giving I'm an established legendary legend and I know it! and I can smell the patchouli through my phone screen.
    • Jinkx being yet another all-around pleasure to watch and the way she looks like the Hunchback of Notre Dame creeping around the werkroom out of drag looking for the bell rope. She cracks me up so much!
    I honestly never thought US Drag Race would be this pleasurable for me ever again. Literally everyone on the cast is enjoyable to some degree. My gay electrolytes are fully replenished!

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  13. Yvie as the Boogieman made me feel a type of way

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  14. Yvies undergarments showing in the crayon runway… that would be been dragged in any other season nn
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  15. Well, given she’s a Guinness, she’s probably done that several times over in her life nn
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  16. Jinkx has always been my favorite winner. The looks were busted, but the sheer amount of charisma & talent radiating from her was undeniable. Coming back with great looks & even more refinement has me stanning harder than ever. I don't think anyone will ever outdo that Judy performance.

    Yvie is out of her depth but I'm still having a kii. Season 11 was a mess but I'm glad she came out on top because I have an appreciation for the crunchy, unpolished, mess that she brought. Considering that her first attempt at Snatch Game is one of the worst ever, I'll accept a passable performance. There's no way she's winning this so I'll take it for what it is.

    I agree with the consensus that that both episodes are 10/10 and the most fun the show has been in years. I'm so happy to be seeing Raja on my screen again.
  17. Yvie's 'drag outcast punk' vibe feels...out of its depth when you have the likes of Raja elevating that style with moments like her episode 2 runway. Like one is trying to be cool and unpolished, the other is the essence of an uncut diamond yet with every element considered meticulously to the point it feels both effortless and completely unbothered by pretence
  18. Sam


    Shea’s mug seems a little off these days. Something about the eyebrows are bothering me
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  19. This is gonna be the best looks season ever huh? When even Jinkx pulls out an all time great for the crowning look, we’re in for a treat.
  20. Her win was written in the stars

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