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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Omg I need her to come back and compete in snatch game again. Alyssa and Joan Cusack please.
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  2. They're really nailing this. Really a thrilling first two episodes with a handful of all-time-great runways already. Jaida's pleather look! Shea's crown look!

    Trinity being top two over Raja for those Snatch Games, however, is a hate crime. Also I'm so glad The Pit Stop dragged her over the coals for that entrance look because that was... one of the ugliest things I've ever seen on Drag Race.

    Also you're all doing too much over Yvie when Viv is right there serving exactly nothing of note so far.
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  3. BTG


    Viv is diabolical. When your USP is being British, you should know you’re completely out of your depth. Yvie is too but she’s come back with such a relaxed energy, it’s hard to be too pressed by her being there.

    I’m much more bothered by Trinity and her endless confessionals.
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  4. Jaida as Prince. HOT.
  5. Jinx is outstanding already. Pure cunt.

    I was also utterly gagged by the ‘Old Macdonald’ lip sync.
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  6. I wish Jinkx was involved in the Old McDonald lip sync, just imagine.
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  7. The season is already exceeding my expectations. The talent. I am really rooting for Jinkx, Jaida and Raja though.
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  8. Trinity kinda tanked at the reading challenge honestly, but Snatch Game more than made up for it.
  9. I'm willing to give Viv some leeway with runways given she didn't get prize money but...she feels a little out of her depth along with Yvie. Her mug remains shockingly good though
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  10. Trinity's snatch game seemed like it should have been really good but something about it didn't click for me. Loved her XXXXXXXL train moment though.
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  11. Trinity’s Leslie Jordan and Lucifer were outstanding. Pure 100% CUNT.
  12. Me: I love how positive and celebratory this season is so far. What a beautiful defiance of the toxicity of the fandom in recent years.

    Also me: can someone send The Vivienne home pls lol
  13. Me but Trinity.
  14. Raja’s level of CUNT is truly off the charts. Doctors hate her!
  15. That was always going to be the case as she’s the only international queen.
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  16. I think Trinity's Satan/Lucifer was good but a cop out... It irks me when queens go for a "character" instead of an actual impersonation like the challenge asks for, it feels a bit cheap/cheating.

    BUT her Leslie Jordan was just hilarious oh my god
  17. The challenge is be funny. Satan was hilarious
  18. I want to appreciate Jaida's Episode 1 hair. The Black queens have been killing the hair game the past few years, but this is a notch above for me. 18th Century Rococo meets 60s beehive meets Marge Simpson. And all in blonde dreads! Genius.

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  19. Especially given that Satan is a Christian construct, I love how gay she made him. Made it all the more poignant .
  20. The dress was...not great, however.

    I wonder if she wanted to do HIM--historically they're not able to clear 'characters' so they have to go with the person or a generic nondescript character.

    Jinkx, Shea, and Raja are killing it. Monet, Jaida, and Trinity are coming up just short but still clearly in the running. Yvie seems happy to be there and Viv...well, there's room for everyone.
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