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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Sam


  2. The way I can only hope to be as cool and beautiful as Aunty Raja when I'm pushing 50.
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  3. Mr.Arroz

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    Raja's mug has been flawless the entire time, especially her pleather look - and the jacket part of it is a total must-have. Having her and Jinkx back is such a joyful experience in addition to the tone that the season has established so far.

    Oh, Viv's look was "fashion" but like the ASOS version of something that's been done before. It wasn't clever, but an amalgamation of fashion trends seen before but diluted into something predictable. Monet tho... stun. The charm of the silhouette combined with the juxtaposition of the very defined torso was terrific.
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  4. I love when the Snatch Game educates me with people I hadn’t heard of before and I find it funny. And Raja did just that.

    We need an extended edit of the Snatch Game. I don’t think we saw enough Vreeland in the episode.
  5. Robbie Turner who?
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  6. Aaaahhh, yoo see, I adohhhhh a gæl with a rrrrroobenous feegah.

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  7. What’s going on with Viv (besides being a garbage person)? She was so quiet and downcast in the first two episodes, especially the second one. It’s odd to see.
  8. Raja is really one of the best Drag Race winners. At least in the confines of Drag Race (Outside of Drag Race, I still wish she would do a little bit more as far as performances she does, and her social media presence-- but I get it.) She is someone to look up to as far as artistry and devotion to drag, and she can go toe-to-toe with girls 20 years younger than her. An absolute drag icon.

    Also i'm so happy this season is the way it is, otherwise they would've never let Jinkx have as much screen time for Snatch Game as they did. She really made it about her in the right way, at the right times. And with no confessionals from the others rolling their eyes and saying she's stealing the spotlight or anything. Just felt nice.

    I can already say with confidence that this will be my favorite season of Drag Race ever. Finally a season that isn't centered around queer people fighting and having beef with each other. Drag Race has always been a very staged "competition" anyways and really just favors whoever the producers want to favor as opposed to who is actually the most talented, as sometimes that's hard to tell when they all exceed at different things. So to remove so much of the "competition" aspect away and just be awarding queens on their merits across the board is really just feeling very positive and exactly the fresh turn this show needed.
  9. Had a lot of fun with the first two episodes. It’s great to see such a strong cast of queens all in the same season. It feels like there’s more budget this time round which makes all the difference.

    Loved Jaida’s Matrix look, as soon as I saw it I was like “AALIYAH VIBES!!” also Jaida as Prince - yes and yes.

    forgot to add - Trinity’s Satan and Jinx’s Judy for Snatch Game we’re just great.
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  10. Apparently she takes a little time to settle.
    I think she said by the third episode she starts to feel like herself.
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  11. This is completely accurate.

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  12. Do we know how many episodes are in this season?
  13. I believe it's a 12 episode season.
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  15. I didn’t like Trinity’s pleather look so I definitely would have given them other win to Raja or Monet. But I feel like we’ll see a lot of blocked queens in the top for the sake of storyline and justifying the plot device.
  16. Trinity’s pleather runway looked like it was borrowed from Jan.
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  17. Yvies runways have been great so far?! I am really enjoying her this season. (The snatch game was a choice though...)
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  18. I don’t really rate Monet’s runways across her two seasons but that pleather look was stunning.
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  19. Them all praising one of the best looks of all time (from Raja) in that first Untucked.

    I'm so happy she is back on our screen!!!!

    And Cameron was a grade A Guest Judge, hope the queen's told her to start doing films again
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  20. I'm genuinely not all that familiar with The Vivienne so my frame of reference for her style is nonexistent, but her "Iris van Herpen inspired" runway was disappointing. Truly an "it's...a piece of fabric" moment if ever there was one
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