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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Still thinking about Jaida's Niobe look. Just incredible, she's truly a ray of sunshine!

    By the way we're all talking about Jaida's Prince but... Monet's Mike Tyson made me feel things too.
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  2. Yvie’s pleather lewk was… a choice, but I really loved her crowning crayon one.
  3. The girls reacting to Naomi is me reacting to Raja every time she steps out onto that runway. She is fucking sickening. Mother forever and the original fashion girl, no rivals. “Did somebody call for an eye-con?” is etched into my brain.

    …and she’s funny. Madame and Diana Vreeland were revelatory. Count on Raja to somehow be both funny and chic for Snatch Game.
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  4. could fuck me in the ass!!!

    Broom, there will never be a Snatch Game as funny as this one again. Retire it and save it for future All Winner's Season only
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  5. I don’t know why they don’t reveal who was blocked after the top 2 are announced to keep it spicy
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  6. Monet’s pleather look was stun, BUT it was a Schiaparelli remake. She’s upped her game big time, but I wish she had more of her own vision (like Raja, for example).

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  7. Why are the runways and lip syncs out of sequence? I don't have access to Untucked if it's explained there nn.

  8. If it's about the girls going back to their Snatch Game characters, it was because most of them couldn't lipsync in their runway outfits. Yvie makes a joke about coming out as Whoopi (her snatch game character in S11).
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  9. Jinkx as Judy was revelatory of course and the clear winner, but Raja as Madame took me the fuck out. The fucking sticks on her arms and the wild flailing laughter fkjlKJaklfjlkjl
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  10. It does make me so happy that Raja is killing it after the (in retrospect probably unfair) fears I and others had about her ability to adapt to modern Drag Race.

    Also, fingers crossed that her presence maybe moves the needle on queens above the age of fucking 30 getting casted on a regular season again. It’s so weird that Ru even has been going along with the increasingly young casts considering her reverence for these kind of old pop culture references. You know she was living for Madame, and that she didn’t have a damn clue who Rico Nasty is.
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  11. The Kandy Muse sandwidzhjgh...

    it'shsteak and eggs......between two pork chops........

    I used to make it for...LIZA...when she was cranky
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  12. I am glad to see the format change (I mean obviously this was the only way they were going to convince the girls to come back) but it does feel like there isn’t much at stake each episode without any eliminations or bottoms.
    Although we probably would’ve had Shea vs Yvie in the bottom after snatch game if they hadn’t changed the format with Shea getting the chop ddd imagine the riots!
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  13. I am actually surprisingly entertained by the twist, even at the expense of the bottom placement. I just think it… works? The winner walking behind each girl as they spew their one-liners so they are not blocked is the kind of stupid gay shit I live for.
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  14. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    There is something so goddamn exhilarating about seeing Raja in action. I fucking adore her.

    Her entrance walk. Her entrance line. "B-O-O-G-E-R-S", launching the eyeglass at Ru and strutting her way around the room. Ru asking what her takeaway was from her first Snatch Game and responding with "that I should've won, I just told you". The level of nerve is just unmatched. Forever my favourite queen.
  15. I don’t think Yvie had a damn clue who Rico Nasty was either, to be fair.
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  16. It’s been a few days, but I cannot get out of my head when Naomi took the runway for the second time. Shea looked like she was about to collapse the first time, but when Naomi took her second turn, the whole cast looked like they were about to vanish into thin air. They couldn’t take it. Incredible.
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  17. Can I just say that Jinkx and Monet who really needed to up their fashion the most out of the cast have already given their best runways ever.
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  18. As most have said, this season is a recharge the US version in any form has needed for a bit. Great episodes.

    My only concern - lipsync smackdown for the crown. It favors some over others and while it's good for the new seasons, I wish they would do something else for All Stars.
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  19. But when you look at it more closely, the only queens to lose any lipsyncs on this season are Trinity, Shea & Monet, who are probably some of the best lipsyncers of the franchise. So it isn't that unfair, I'd say..
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