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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. That depends on what songs are chosen though. They could easily toss someone like Jinkx a wacky theatrical song.

    I'd rather they do each an individual performance (But like, to a real song, not a poorly written Drag Race writers room one sung by Allie X) and then Ru picks who she wants to win, or at least, be in a final lipsync against each other. I feel like any time they do a lipsync tournament, it always ends up with a final lipsync between someone who is very obviously the winner regardless, and someone who is not.
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  2. It didn't truly hit me how 'modern' most of these cast winners are until I saw someone point out that their verses on the track in episode 1 were done in order of their crownings, and Monét was THIRD out of the eight of them?!?!
  3. Credit where credit is due, I don't think the US franchise needs a refresh anymore. Between AS6, S14, and now this, she is vivacious, thriving, facelift freshly healed...Miss Charles should build another shelf for the next round of Emmys.
  4. Both episodes are already sitting among the best rated All Stars episodes

    (I don't remember that first All Stars 6 episode at all outside of the Laganja lip sync)
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  5. nn I wish I could hear about viewer numbers regarding these as opposed to IMDB "ratings." I don't give a single shit about other people's opinions on this, I want data.
  6. TKB's first ever win! It was the branding one, I think their team was like 'Fix it, bitch!' or something.
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  7. Oh yes, just before she was robbed of the next two wins.
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  8. I for one am always here for discussion of a TRUE robbed queen Ms TKB. Self aware and humbled even in the face of a hooting and hollering alleged vocalist
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  9. BTG


    They high key should’ve withheld that win from Jan for maximum mess.
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  10. Jinx’s Judy will live forever in my head rent free.
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  11. Can't stop wondering what Jinkx said when Shea was hovering with the plunger.
  12. Gays need to find a hobby

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  13. 2014

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    Laganja being the best thing about that AS6 episode and she wasn't even competing. Future winner for sure!!
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  14. I rewatched Revenge of the Queens the other day and it really is one of the best episodes of television I’ve ever seen. The AS7 Snatch Game was fantastic but can’t really compete.
  15. My friend sent this to me earlier and I was like uh... didn't see anything about this in the usual places so it's most likely fake.
  16. 2014

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    The AS7 Snatch Game in all its glory finally got posted;

  17. I feel like, just because Judy obliterated them all, her Natasha was slightly overlooked but it was BRILLIANT.

    That was a total masterclass from Jinkx.
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  18. I find myself thinking a lot about Jinkx and Raja and how they are actual, genuine, capital-L-Legends and true masters. We've watched dozens of queens show their best over the past decade or so, but here these two are, setting the bar all over again. We are seriously blessed.
  19. Raja knows she is there to be Iconic, make sure she is remembered and to teach...

    Her old lady grey weaves aren't lost on me.
    Madame was, not a clue who that was, but she was hilarious all the same

    Viv's Patsy was a bit tragique, there was so much to work with there, that either didn't get shown or she didn't provide. I mean, she could have answered a bee, a crisp or a knitting needle and given us an iconic Patsy moment.
    I loved Nan, she had it down pat.
  20. How’s does one in the UK actually watch this? Can someone help me out pleasee?
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