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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Sam


    don’t forget to subscribe to wow presents
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  2. Throw a few coins Wow Presents's way.
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  3. For Drag Race 14 I paid 4.99 a month for WOW...

    When I resubscribed for All Stars 7, it was only 2.99 a month
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  4. Jinkx singing out with the old Drag Race theme song and Trinity then saying 'they changed it to drag queen' is comedy gold.
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  5. Sam


    I am once again watching Snatch Game
  6. I'd love to see an extended cut of both snatch games. I'd especially like to have seen more of Raja's Diana. And I imagine there's probably more of Jinkx's genius on the cutting room floor.
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  7. I have a mighty need to see Jinkx recreate episodes of The Judy Garland Show with all drag queens. Just...please give it to me immediately
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  8. "I've been on Hollywood Squares, I've been on the Tonight Show... AND NOW I'M JUST ON QUAALUDES!"
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  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The way Jinkx' Judy, Raja's Madame and Trinity's Satan need to have their own shows stat!!
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  10. Trinity’s Satan was kinda genius!
  11. Does anyone know when the second episode of the pit stop is coming, and fashion photos ruview?
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  12. WAIT @ them saying Raja is the most likely to talk back to Michelle. Her Acid Betty Tit-gate is coming!

  13. It's fun to watch Raja compete but she just exudes so much CUNT that the entire show feels beneath her, like Ru should get out of the way and let her host.
  14. All of these queens are so damn talented but both Raja and Jinx are still just next level when it comes to this first group of all winners competing.
  15. Why Eureka?

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  16. I mean, she is a coworker of Bob.
  17. It'd be a kii if (Nicole Byer aside) the Pit Stop guests were all Runners Up, we know Katya is a guest this season from her IG stories too.
  18. Why does this read like “friend of Dorothy” ahahaha
  19. I kind of really enjoy Eureka
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