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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Violet has been blocking people on Twitter dd.
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  2. I'm glad we're all still showing some respect for Bootleg Opinions and Yuhua! I regularly think about when she would do video intros/outros from what looked like the inside of a water heater closet.
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  3. Don’t think that’s a new thing.
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  4. I think a lot of that is blockchain stuff where it automatically blocks anyone who liked a tweet from the person you blocked nn. It's pretty common on Twitter for celebs and brands these days
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  5. I have two tickets to RuPaul's Drag Race: Werq The World Tour 2022 at The Brighton Centre on Tuesday (May 31st) - can no longer go, so if anybody wants them, PM me x
  6. I just fucking love Jaida.
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  7. Please tell me we're only getting one episode of this now? I cannot take so many at once, especially with Legendary dropping like fucking three at a time and Hacks going as well.
  8. I’m just happy to see so many people defending Raja after getting dunked on for so many years because she felt like she had nothing to prove by not getting into elaborate looks for FPR. Like you really think she’d go to that much effort just to be seen from the waist up in WOW’s basement? She really shut everyone up.

    Also Violet’s takes don’t bother me that much because FPR’s tastes have always been questionable no matter who is hosting, that includes Raja dd
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  9. She was one of the best at Werq The World last week aswell!
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  10. Not the Blair quiet whisper and shake being Balir’s only redeeming remembered quality.

    Remember when she was insisting she returned to AS5 as Stripped when it was very Can’t Be Tamed.
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  11. "I would like to have a vowel.

    a "Z""

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  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I think Shea just isn't compelling as a contestant this time around; she literally just won AS5 so I just don't find that she has a narrative that really justifies ascending to the crown. Yvie comes from a rather boring season, Monét/Trinity have the element of breaking their tie, Raja/Jinkx are from a different era, and Jaida deserves her flowers from the sting of her win coming during a pandemic. There's also Viv but hahahahaha. I think S2 of an all-winners season would have felt more reasonable for her...I'm not seeing a huge expanse of change from her last competition.
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  13. Not to mention that she probably had the most satisfying arc already wrapped up prior to this (writing the wrong of her very contentious S9 loss). I still enjoy the heck out of her and she's still very much excellence, and while it might be a little unfair to compare her to Raja or Jinxk who come from a completely different era it hurts me that I'm just not as grabbed (yet?).
  14. I just feel like Shea did what she needed to do on AS5 and that was a wrap for at least a little while. So far I don't find her particularly compelling despite her incredible runway in episode one. I thought her Snatch game was quite lousy.

    This season I'm all about Jaida, Jinx, and Raja. Lots of Js.
  15. Pit Stop out here ruining lives.
  16. Jaida ate that UP. Her effortless split… I screamed!
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  17. Green Light! I yelped.
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  18. Raja’s self-made outfit!


    Another Beyoncé track that cleared the cheque for lipsyncs!
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  19. Jaida and Trinity were deserving winners. Shea & Raja could’ve also won, but Raja’s John Waters was a bit weak.
    So happy for Jaida though, she killed it.

    But the highlight was Bob The Drag Queen Elizabeth. Monet is a genius.
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