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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Jaida Excellence Hall. A lifestyle and a freedom of expression.
  2. The way the thread said Shea doesn't have much to give for her to Bronte Sister this plunger MURDER MYSTERY girl I'm living
  3. Jaida Essence Ball.
  4. If only Raja's moustache had been bigger then she would have been in the top

    I hope she gets a star before the end is done as she is more than a filler queen
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  5. Jaida and Trinity were the correct winners. Trinity is really not kidding this time around.

    Raja's third look was a vision, out of this world. There was no way she could lose this, but that second look was super weak. I don't understand how that happened. It looks like she only realized she needed to mix two characters once she got to the show.
  6. So frustrating to see Raja miss out on top 2 essentially because her John Waters moustache wasn't visible enough. Her sewing look was incredible.

    Jaida thoroughly deserved top 2. Trinity's looks were all solid but none of them really wowed me.
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  7. To Viv's credit, whilst it wasn't the most dramatic outfit on the runway, the dress she created was made beautifully. It definitely feels like she's warming up now after a rather slow start.
  8. BTG


    These Trinity lip syncs will be the end of me. Take your bad comedic take to the other side of the stage and let Jaida do her thing.
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  9. Sam


    Viv is out of her depth, bottom line cut and dry
  10. What on Earth was Raja thinking with that second look? So basic and really screwed her out of the win because that gold look was absolutely everything.

    Trinity and Jaida were the correct top two. If Trinity had removed that awful collar at the top her final look would have been even better. What was going on with her Vanna White hair though?!

    Jaida really let these queens have it. Every look was absolute perfection and I can’t believe she made that final look in one day. A masterclass in how to do a ball on the show I feel.
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  11. Raja gives me goosebumps
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  12. Wow!!! Those last looks. Raja, Shea, Trinity, Viv & Jaida all WOW-ed me. I think the winners were correct this time around simply cause of Raja's 2nd look but her last look was definitely the best one out of everyones. Vivienne's dress was STUNNING, I think the color helped elevate it but credit to her, it was just gorgeous to look at, certainly the best she's ever looked on the show. Jaida just continues to impress me with her sewing skills between S12 and this challenge, she might be one of the best ever, she destroyed all 3 looks. Trinity is so different this time around in the best way possible, she's not taking herself too seriously and it pays off in the challenges, her dominatrix look was really strong and she had the best Vanna look after Raja I'd say.
    Monet & Yvie were both had pretty rough first two looks but the garments they made were okay. Jinkx surprised me, we all know she is not a seamstress but I thought she'd avoid bottom 2 if there was one cause she really ended up with servicable look.

    All in all, another great episode and I'm excited for whats next. I don't remember last time I followed Drag Race so religiously.
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  13. Another brilliant episode. I loved the lip sync
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  14. Also shoutout to Trinity for helping the others out, especially Jinkx. She really is stepping it up in all departments this season.
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  15. This season is a laugh riot. I’m basically grinning from the moment I hit play.

    The fake plunger mystery gjjdns
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  16. I found Trinity invading Jaida's space a tad uncomfortable in the lipsync
  17. "Only SheDevilByNight would know."


  18. Jaida is on the cusp of becoming America’s sweetheart, I just know it.
    “Invading Jaida’s space” is a needlessly sinister take on what was, successful or not, a little attempt at a funny collab moment, the type of which we see literally every season.
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  19. I honestly think Jaida is one of the most charismatic queens to ever be on the show. It's so good seeing her so effervescent this season, and now that she's won a challenge, hopefully she can relax even further with the self-belief that she truly deserves to be there.
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  20. Jaida dominated this episode. I hope her feelings that she doesn't deserve to be amongst the others fades away after this. She is one of the best. Her talent is beyond.

    But also damn I would've loved to see Raja get a star for this episode too. Damn that mustache! I hate in ball challenges where sometimes only the look they sewed in the workroom really matters and sometimes they take in to account the looks they brought. And yeah... she could've done more with the John Waters aspect of that look, I get it... But... I just... Ugh! I want to see her get some wins too.
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