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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Jaida being *counts* 129k from 1M and the only US queen without a million off the season on Instagram doesn't sit right with me. I hope this episode gives her a little boost.

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  2. JAIDA!!!

    So happy she has a star on the board. So deserved.
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  3. I love Jaida don't get me wrong, but this week top 02 was Raja and Trinity, both looks were stellar. I can't believe they're doing Raja this dirty, it's the second week that she deserved a top02 placement and still...

    And as we're here, why on earth didn't they use this as lipsync song?

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  4. Because the original is better.

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  5. Raja unceremoniously getting 3rd place two weeks in a row doesn’t sit right with my soul. Sure, her mustache should have been bigger, but her final look was a shoot and she WAS Vanna White.

    Jaida Excellence Hall winning, however, DOES sit right with my soul. What a perfect contestant, drag queen, and human.
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  6. This being Rupaul’s best friend race after all works so well for this cast, this season really benefits from none of the shady “storylines” the producers try to force at you. Even the ‘drama’ of the plunger is all taken in good humour
  7. If it was actually Ru Paul's best friend's race miss Stuan would have 2 badges by now
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  8. Ru referencing Blair's runway 'shiver and shh' sent me
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  9. Me liking all the pro-Jaida posts before even watching the episode

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  10. The ~secret alliances talk right in the middle of the werkroom. I hate this silly show.

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  11. What the fuck was Yvie’s Vanna White Realness? Was her television black & white when she watched Wheel of Fortune? Just embarrassing.
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  12. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

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  13. Her second look was definitely a let down because the other two were amazing. I think the lack of a mustache was just part of the problem with an underwhelming second look.
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  14. To be fair Yvie's second look was the first time I loved something she's done this season.
  15. "Vanna White is probably the first white lady that's been in my household"

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  16. Jaida should have won the Season 12 ball so it was extra satisfying seeing her win this one.
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  17. Trinity was my absolute favourite on S9 but I kind of dropped her after AS4 and the SheDevilByNight saga finished her off.

    I have to say she is reminding me why I loved her in the first place this season. The looks, the showgirl energy, the commentary, the funny… She is really making the episodes tick along.

    Seeing her help out the other contestants was nice. I’d rather Jaida or Raja win the season but I’m here for Trinity getting some redemption. It looks like she will also walk away from the season with the most challenge wins ever. She already has NINE.
  18. Raja was done dirty not winning. Her look was incredible.
  19. Them editing out all the references to Russia is one of the weirdest incidents of performative activism I've ever seen.
  20. When Shea said young Frederick Douglas was hot in untucked adkljdfhjdsssgv I love this cast!!
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