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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. I'm actually loving this season.

    Not only is the cast stellar but the fact no one is actually having to lip-sync for their life and everyone can just kiki and try and show their best, whilst the whole badges/plunger is just silly campery. It's just really enjoyable television.
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  2. Despite just missing out on the wins two weeks in a row, the show has, thus far, been a brilliant showcase and refresher (or introduction to some) of what a force Raja can be.
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  3. Another great episode this week. The mini challenge with the wheel was super fun and I enjoyed pretty much everyone’s runaways.

    Loved Raja both getting their life to Green Light and their talking head during their runway saying “FUCKKK I LOOK SO GOOD!” I mean, it’s actual and factual!

    Jaida’s runaway presentation was stunning and she killed the lip sync. After the messy Suga Mama lip sync during season 14, I’m glad a Beyonce song got a decent lip sync performance. I was so happy she got to lip sync and show her skill on stage again. The last time she lip synced on the show was via Zoom in her home!

    Gah, there’s something so fun about watching an entire cast of queens all be so fucking good. It makes for such a nice viewing experience and I’m glad even the less glowing critiques aren’t bitchy for the sake of it. It feels constructive and well intended.
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  4. funny you mention that because I just remembered she was a lip sync assassin on All Stars 6 and killed it then too!
  5. To anyone with both knowledge of UK and USA TV / pop culture; what/who would be the UK equivalent to the Vanna White inspired runway? Like is it a Tess Daly, runway a Holly Willoughby or a Carol Vorderman?
    And when will Drag Race UK use this idea and have a Claudia Winkleman inspired runway?
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  6. Raja could've been in the Top 2 if weren't for that Olivia Newton John look, so frustrating. Her Golden Myanmar gown was breathtaking. Jaida ate this entire episode up.
  7. Raja's final look was one of the best OF ALL TIME
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  8. Why doesn't Raja have a star yet

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  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Fff get Vorders as a guest judge and have her be the runway theme.

    And none for Holly Willoughby bye!
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  10. Raja Gemini.
  11. I fucking love this cast. I will say that I feel like Yvie is a little out of her depth with this line up. I love her but the looks have been slightly underwhelming compared to what everyone else is bringing.
  12. Yes, let Raja slink under the radar for now while the girls mind game themselves passing that platinpümpel back and forth all venerealesque. That's that crouching tiger, hidden drag queen strategem. When she saunters her way to back-to-back legacy wins in the home stretch and ascends her rightful throne... ah, vindication.
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  13. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    The Vanna runway is so stupid xkcbdkaje I love it so much. This show excels at stupid.
  14. I don’t know why but one of my favourite parts of that runway was the queens’ reaction to seeing her stood there as they rounded the corner
  15. There’s something about Yvie’s style that really grabs me. Like it often doesn’t connect but when it does, whew. Her final look was couture. It was giving CSM graduate who’s about to blow up. It always feels like she’s spun otherworldly fantasy out of everyday riff raff.
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  16. At least Yvie's looks have personality. Viv's on the other hand... Kind of generic. They're not bad, for the most part, they just do not stand out. She doesn't have a very signature style. But, I don't think UK queens are typically very much LOOK queens. And so much of this season is about the looks, to be honest.
  17. Jaida walking around the werkroom in Viv's outfit from last week like she was the Babadook kljdsjlskjlkls

    I love her so much.
  18. They were obviously told Vanna White was one of the ball looks so why did it take so long to guess the hangman dddd
  19. Oh my god I don’t know how I forgot about her being a lip sync assassin! My bad.

  20. GoddESSES
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