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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Nice episode, for the first time in Drag Race herstory I enjoyed Yvie's performance the most. Her speech was really great and really inspirational, along with Shea's.

    Glad that Raja finally got a star and that Jinkx was chosen over The Viv (which, by the way, did a great job this week).
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  2. Also, Jinkx killed the lip sync for the first time this season.

    Raja's lip sync though...
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  3. Thank god last week was just a fluke. Honestly everyone was so good this week, such a great challenge. And the runways were all gorgeous. I personally would have put Jaida in the top over Jinkx but Jinkx's runway was the best she's ever looked so I'm not mad. Raja finally getting a star, you love to see it.

    If she makes it into the Finale however she's definitely not winning if that's how all her lipsyncs will be dddd
  4. If I was being generous, I’d say it’s actually stategic in a way to lose the lipsyncs, because a) you don’t make any enemy by blocking someone and b) everyone thinks they can beat you in the final lip sync battle and won’t see you as a threat. I don’t actually think that’s what was going through Raja’s head, but I’m going to pretend it is because I love her.
  5. Genuinely think everyone did FANTASTIC. Like any one of those performances could've won. Everyone looked great too. But I'm so happy for Rodger.
  6. I'm actually enjoying Viv a lot more than in her UK season... she seems a lot warmer.
  7. Really not sure what Viv thought she had to gain by telling Jinkx she would have blocked her at the start of the episode given the chance.

    Given how even the playing field was in terms of challenge performance, it probably made production's decision to put Jinkx in the top 2 and not Viv easier since the ending practically wrote itself.
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  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  9. It was the dumbest thing anyone has said since Jinkx reminded them all that sewing was her only weakness.
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  10. I feel like everyone did great too, but... Raja didn't deserve this win, unlike the previous 2 weeks where she could've won. That should've gone to Shea, Vivienne or even Monet teebs... And her lipsync.. Diabolical.

    But her runway was great. Also need to talk about Jaida's post-runway look cause she's looked so great.
  11. My love for Jinkx Monsoon is immense.
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  12. Another brilliant episode. Trinity and Raja are EATING.
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  13. I didn’t *love* this episode like some of the others but think again they all did pretty well. It is getting a bit grating to never have any negative critique at all though.

    I kinda wanted The Viv to hit the top again, a) because she was great, and b) because it would have been interesting to see if she would have really gone for Jinkx at every turn. Given where she dropped the ball on UK1, perhaps not a terrible place for her to get blocked the girl group week.

    Raja was the winner though (of the challenge, not the lipsync dddd) and then for me it was either Jinkx or Viv. So, fair.

    I hope Monet does manage to sneak one of these additional stars. Honestly I wouldn’t give it to Yvie, otherwise everyone is back on a level pegging and you are back at week one? Leave some of these bitches in the dust!
  14. Finding out Jaida is older than Jinkx has blown my mind today.
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  15. I can see Raja throwing the lipsync. She finally got a star after several episodes so I would also be careful not to put a target on me. She needs this time to pull ahead.
  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

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  17. Something about RuPaul screeching at Raja before she'd even said anything makes me so unreasonably amused.
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  18. I would block someone and then give them a legendary legend star *tin*. Look over there.
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  19. Yeah, producers must have told Ru to laugh hysterically at everything Raja said, cause her speech wasn’t all that funny. Glad to see her finally get that star though!
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  20. Raja's speech had me in HYSTERICS. Jennifer Coolidge meets Professor Trelawney perfection.

    We're all gonna DIE
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