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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Raja's Vogue recreation is amazing.
  2. This LinkedIn bio writes itself.
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  3. Yvie's one genuinely scared me
  5. This is such a terrible take.
  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I guess I missed this cos I have her muted dd.
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  7. Yikes…
  8. @aaronhansome getting everyone to rally around Trixie and Shea’s been designated the current drag race villain I’m down BAD.
  9. when you’re in your coffin I’ll make sure to put you in Trixie Cosmetics.
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  10. It's 2022 and people are really still parroting the 'violent homophobes are actually just closeted gays' narrative?

  11. While yes, it's always a gag and an eyeroll whenever a really homophobic person or politician ends up being secretly gay... I don't think that should be our initial thought with every homophobic person. Some of them are just evil hateful or brainwashed people. Like those men were on their way to cause trouble to our community and your first thought is "Haha well they've got to be secretly one of us"... Do you not see how that's a bad take and not a good look? ... Anyways. Interesting opinions from the Chicago queens is just a recurrent thing at this point.
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  12. You all make extremely true and valid points but in this specific scenario she's right.
  13. I am being sent into outer space.
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  14. The lipsync songs are just getting worse and worse :(
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  15. Are Jinkx and Raja not allowed to give each other the extra stars? It seems like such an obvious move to me.
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  16. I think Ru is actually right... I asked a Swedish friend and she pronounced it like that (but with a Swedish accent obviously)
  17. Production probably told them no, giving a star to Jinkx at this point as the only one with 2 stars (and 3 wins) plus another star basically guarantees that she'll be in the finale, and suddenly make Raja a frontrunner as the only other person with more than one star.
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  18. Absolutely not, except if your from Skåne. She is not a Polynesian country. The O is like in 10 000 dOll hairs, E like in sEnd, lO like in ooze.
  19. Ru said last episode they had to choose between the other six.
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  20. Shea really is........something outside of the show.
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