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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Don't worry I full-on gay gasped ddd
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  2. I had zero conception that Tove Lo’s name was pronounced like that, to the point that I was like “huh. She looks like Tove Lo” when she was initially introduced. !

    Monet and Shea were the top two, now come on now.
  3. Raja's was absolutely my favorite look on the runway, but I need to show my appreciation to whatever magic Jaida used to blend in that breastplate, it was seamless.
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  4. Yvie, Jinkx & Raja ruining their lipsync win records this season, but Jaida (and The Vivienne) remains unscathed. That's my mama!
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  5. I haven't watched the full episode yet, but I watched both performances...

    Yeah Monet & Shea were robbed BLIND. They absolutely devoured this challenge. They also had the early 2000s make up perfect, both looked so goooood. Raja didn't know a single word to her own verse, but thankfully she looked stunning.

    The other team...... if they wanted a Top 2 from that team then they chose the wrong two, that's all I'm gonna say. Yvie looked so bad, which is crazy cause her make up skills had improved so much this season. I get she was going for that Y2K look but she did it so badly.
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  6. I think it should've been Monet or Shea vs Viv. Viv's Dolly was FAR too good to not give her a top spot. I know sometimes the runways don't matter but damn i'm glad we got to see Viv do that lipsync. Her makeup and dress were spot on Dolly and even the mannerisms in the lipsync were very studied. I would pay money to see her impersonate Dolly on stage.

    I wish Shea or Monet's Dolly look had been better. I don't think Shea got the hair quite right - nor do I recall the boobs being big enough. Monet's wasn't bad, but it wasn't an immediately signature Dolly look like some of the others. But they both had the best verses in the challenge.
    Yvie's verse was good as she's very musically inclined when it comes to rapping, but that whole team's storyline just wasn't really my cup of tea.
  7. Raja’s performance was iconic if you just pretend she was intentionally serving Posh Spice, so giving fashion and cunt whilst trying her hardest to do easy choreography (but poorly) in very high heels.

    Top 2 was very random, especially when they were two of the worst Dolly looks (Viv was a good resemblance but a rather boring look in general), but The Viv ate that performance.
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  8. TBH I missed at least 10 mins of the episiode reading up on

    Monet could have easily been top two this week, she was everything and is getting an amazing edit which she entirely deserves. I am normally a Shea fangirl and might have missed the reference but thought her runway presentation was..... terrible?
  9. [to the tune of Voulez-Vous] Tove Lo
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  10. Rogers wigs shame everyone else weekly.
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  11. I’m guessing TRL was the equivalent of our SM:TV!?
  12. The UK version of TRL was probably MTV select, although we did have our own version of TRL for a while.
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  13. I remember watching TRL a lot when I was on holiday in the US and it was kind of its own beast, it didn't really have a UK equivalent on the main channels anyway

    The meat of the show was that viewers would vote for what music videos of the moment they wanted to see played and they would run this down in a chart throughout the show. Hence the name TRL (short for Total Request Live). It was a daily show so if you watched it every day then chances are you saw the same ten songs every day just in a slightly different order maybe.

    Then in between the music videos you'd have a pop act come in and be interviewed and do a live performance or two in front of the studio audience.

    It was far more music video heavy than any UK equivalent I can think of. At a push it was maybe like a daily CD:UK meets The Box?
  14. not just that but literally writing the verse that put India in the bottom!
  15. Yvie's dolly runway is my new sleep paralysis demon
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  16. The TRL throwback was such a nice touch. It took me right back. I had fun with this week’s episode. I thought Shea’s Dolly was the weakest of the bunch though?
  17. Yeah the top 2 was a little odd but Viv's Dolly was perfection.

    Jaida's mouthing along to Ru saying "legendary legend star" was such a funny moment. What a Queen.
  18. Shea's Dolly wig was terrifying...
  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Mayhem is… honestly the most uninteresting Queen ever
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