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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Why could I see Vivienne’s undergarments but also both her nipples the entire performance?
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  2. The Vivienne is talented but I didn't enjoy watching her on UK season 1 and I don't enjoy watching her now. Also the hard cock and cum hurr hurr hurr jokes are so juvenile and tired.
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  3. Category is... "[​IMG]"
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  4. If I were Dolly and I saw Shea's wig, I would sue.
  5. First you painted me like that french bitch
    Then you threw me overboard

    Lyrical genius
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  6. THIS X1000000. Kween Jaida, teach me your ways.
  7. Genuinely thought Yvie gave one of the most annoying performances ever given on the main stage.
  8. I actually don't think Yvie's character worked. Had she not explained it beforehand I wouldn't have known what she was doing.
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  9. The humour reminds me of Blu Hydranga and that’s not a good thing.
  10. Bob and Derrick!

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  11. Not Monet uttering the words "pandemi lovato" out loud on Untucked.
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  12. Wait Jinkx popping out of nowhere during Trinity and Monet's heart-to-heart truly startled me skskskks
  13. No one should ever be reminded of Blu Hydranga in any capacity. While I’ve warmed to Viv in recent weeks, she did give me UKDR Season 1 energy this episode, less of that please!

    I think Jaida is definitely on course to become one of the most beloved queens of the entire franchise if she isn’t already. She is pure joy!
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    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  15. SILKY IS ALLLL OF US. I can't!

  16. So according to that FPR was pulled by Violet herself? Hmm, I thought the views were really good and WoW was trying to milk the subscription fees? I can't believe the fucking horrendous 'fans' are ruining such a good pairing for the show. Back to the boring duos then.
  17. BTG


    Violet and Mik a good pairing? I don’t think.

    Literally pair Violet with anyone else.
  18. Better pairing than what we had previously from FPR.
  19. Does this mean this week's FPR for the veil runway is the last?
  20. The veil one is just a preview. The last full one for free was the episode before that. I don't think they will be uploading anymore full episodes other than previews.
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