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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Sam


    Not toovay loo

  2. This…did not give. Bob was trying their best but miss blueberry was giving lethargy and uninterest
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  3. (aha)
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  4. Me: I hate toilet humour

    Jaida: diarrhea

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  5. Monet's dress/coat was INCREDIBLE. The fact it's not a fabric like Wow! It's probably my favourite Monet look on the show as well as her performance outfit which was so cute, this was supposed to be her week like she ate so much.
  6. Monet's post-Episode 1 performances were quite rocky overall, but she was the clear winner of this one. Give her huhr Star !!!
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  7. She's lucky she's a Drag Race queen. In Chicago, performances like that have you writing a long paragraph apology on your socials the following day. Queens here only do songs by artists of their same race.
    Actually makes me wonder what the local bars reaction to seeing the Jinkx lipsync to Lizzo.
  8. I thought it was less that she was doing Respect and more that she was doing it absolutely terribly? Maybe it's both.
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  9. MONET & SHEA WERE SERVING in that girl group challenge.

    But I think Yvie deserved the win. Her Dolly runway walk had me SCREAMING.

    Lemme bop to HYPE again.

  10. Dddd drag huh
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  11. Yvie’s win was even more charitable than Raja giving her a star. I LOVED Viv’s runway and I loved seeing her lipsync as Dolly, but the other win should have been Monet’s. I know Shea is great at this kind of challenge but I’m a little…used to seeing her excel in this way? Maybe I’m just being unfair.
  12. her Mike Tyson deserves some big love tbh (and was that the week she wore that gorgeous brown pleather?). She’s definitely been rocky at moments but I would say Ep 1, 2 and 6 were GREAT for her, which is half!
  13. Violet was so MAD hahahahaha Raja supremacy
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  14. It's not been pulled though because every episode is on Wow Plus and YouTube (I think premium only but still). So this story feels so weirdly random and made up?

    Also I think the outrage is mostly (there's always some that take it too far but that goes for everything) tongue in cheek, and playing into the persona Violet knows she plays up because people enjoy her for it? The whole reason that episode of the pit stop went viral was the same reason she's apparently upset now.

    For the record, despite massively disagreeing with the early Raja boots, I think Violet has been really good on FPR this season.
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  15. That’s what I thought to. I just watched the Veiled It review episode. And their boots were correct.

    I have a hard time with Gotmik but Violet is superior on FPR.
  16. Gotmik… had enough exposure. Please someone else for the next FPR.
  17. This no-stakes all-positive-critiques makes for a rather dull watch. I hate this format.
    The way they put The Vivienne in top two just because she was plunged… yawn.
  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    She is effortlessly hilarious.
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  19. I’m laugh crying at this episode. These girls are losers.
  20. I'm really enjoying the format but I think it could do with some minor tweaks. From Untucked you can tell there are negative critiques have been cut to respect the winners. It was even mentioned that Raja spoke back to Michelle at at least one point.

    Maybe next season the winner of the lip sync gets two stars and the loser just has one star.
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