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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

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  2. Not me taking 72 hours to realize Carson Daly was actually the hilarious Ross Matthews in cosplay...

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    She didn't have on her glasses, America
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  4. Why does Yvie act like a six year old child after a large Red Bull. You have all the others girls looking statuesque and regal and then her gurning and twitching for no reason on the far left. Oh my bad she's ~odd~!


    Monet truly devoured the challenge down to the runway. Her look for the performance was pop princess and the lyrics & choreo felt plucked from 2000. I guess there wasn't enough simulations of her touching her vagina and burping to cater to Ru's boomer humour! Sad!

    Also why did Raja have earphones in during Untucked dddd? Read the room, nanny!
  5. What is the score with this India Ferrah drama, I can't piece it together with the deleted tweets.
  6. More days go by, the more mad I am at Monet not being in the top this episode. She did so well.

    Shea also stomped, but I think it’s fair to say if you played the verses they’ve done over the years.. while Shea’s would all be top tier, they are all faaaaairly similar. Monet has managed to provide regular great verses but with much more variety.

    I would still have had them both top two, but it should have at LEAST had Monet in it.
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  7. Apols for double post but I THINK:

    - Derrick makes some comments about India with Bob on the latest Pit Stop
    - India makes a tweet (on Juneteenth) insinuating Derrick still is relying on Voss/Drag Race but gets paid pennies compared to what they pay other stars. She uses the word ‘slave’
    - Shea quote tweets India to criticise the use of the word slave esp on that day
    - India tweets ‘oh I forgot I can’t tweet anything without it being racist’. She deletes the original.
    - Shea makes a comment saying ‘you deleted that real quick’ or something to that effect
    - India quote tweets saying ‘just like on AS5 you’re making something into something it’s not, VERY YOU #ineversaidalliance’
    - Shea gathers her and reminds India that she ‘literally lied”, got caught up in it and had to deal with the consequences
    - India deletes her Twitter.
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  8. You have to be really bad at communicating to come out of a situation looking worse than Derrick.

    Also as someone said on Twitter, if being tagged as a racist is a recurring problem for India, maybe she needs to do some introspection on what is she doing wrong.
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  9. The fact it all started with Bob unpromptedly mentioning India's name while Derrick was trying to remember another queen's name...

  10. The grip Bob has over the entire RPDR landscape has no limits.
  11. At just past the halfway point now, who are y'alls top 4 for the finale? Based on their performance in the competition so far, I think it should be:
    The Vivienne
    Trinity / Monét

    But I think it will actually end up being:

    ...or Yvie will somehow find herself in a top 4 slot, which would be disappointing.
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  12. Jeez! Thanks for the breakdown. Oh how I love Bob, my All Winners Season 2 winner in waiting.
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  13. I'd love


    The fourth spot I'd be happy to go to any to be honest, but I'd love a final two of Jinkx and Jaida.
  14. basically

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  16. ”Ladies I want you to remember the 4 D’s okay? I want you to be a Demon to work with. I want you to stay Delusional. I want you to remain a Disaster. And finally, Delete your twitter."
  17. I am also not feeling this season - while living 100% for S14. I also found the last AS boring while everyone loved, which means it's probably my issue since everyone is enjoying so much. It just feels like watching scripted TV too much for me to enjoy - which I know is also the tea with S14 but it's not that obvious with new queens I guess. I LOVE the 'no queen' leaving format just not into everything else being super planned an calculated.
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  18. Alexis is an icon. But didn’t Shea eliminate Alexis over India?
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  19. She eliminated India over Alexis.
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