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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

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    As far as ‘drag race’ goes AS1 is horrific, but just as an entertainment series it is a classic. None of the current girls would have the range for it!!
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  2. Silky's lip sync smackdown extravaganza, alongside Symone crowning, were the only redeemable things from S13's demonic run.

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  3. I don’t think anyone is dragging AS6 which was pretty good!
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  5. BTG


    S10 was pretty good (and well liked on here) until Mo was eliminated and then the decline was steep. One of the biggest drops in quality I can remember. The final few episodes were diabolical apart from Asia.
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  6. I think that AS3 and Season 10 on a lesser extent, were the moment when the show kind of jumped the shark.

    The lipsynch for the crown of season 10 and the reunion aswell were diabolical.

  7. S11 was so awful!!! It's by far the worst season with the worst judging EVER. S13 is also pretty terrible. (Down Under, UK vs The World, UK S3 & Italy were also pretty horrid) AS5 is fine it was just boring.

    Vivienne saying she would never wear blue, only to ONLY wear blue since then it's been 5 weeks in a row like damn is there anything else in that suitcase?
  8. S13 is unwatchable. An entire series with Kandy Muse. Boot.
  9. The best series since 2020 are: Canada, Canada 2, Espana, season 12, season 14 and UK2.

    I am really enjoying AS7 (more so than AS6 Silky Smackdown aside) but I don't think it'll quite touch the seasons above.
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  10. For me the nadir of the franchise is the unholy trinity of Season 11, Season 13 and Down Under Season 1.

    Season 10 is… okay, but the Breastworld challenge was the worst thing ever recorded for television. Embarrassing.

    Not just Kandy…. Season 13 also inflicted T*na B*rner on us. It felt like she was around forever.
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  11. Let’s be honest, neither Kandy or Tina were the worst contestant on season 13.
  12. That outfit... if she just removed the nude bits it would look a million times better
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Kandy, Rose, Elliott, Tina on one season? Jail.
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  15. To quote Violet, Eliott is “hodge podge” drag so she was forgettable in her season. But the way producers tried to force feed Kansa, Rose and Tina to viewers was gross.
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  16. Season 14 is the best double digit season to date, fillers and all. (S12 is good too but is irreversibly tainted by Predator Pie and Covid.)
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  17. Everyone is forgetting how awful UK3 was, chuck that on the pile as well Hens
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  18. UK3 was… fine. It was nowhere near the worst of the franchise.
  19. BTG


    Viv’s verse this week was giving Maga Chipz. Boot.
  20. 2014

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    S11 was mostly messy but had a great cast. Some terrible challenges though.
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