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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Stand up for what?
  2. To think during All Stars 6, we were getting the likes of ‘Since U Been Gone’, ‘Dirrty’, ‘Physical’ and ‘Miss You Much’ and this season we’re getting... *gestures at every lipsync choice that's not 'Green Light'*

  3. I caught myself bopping along to the Jessie J song

    I need a shower
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  4. The whole episode about Ru was calling for a good ol' trashy lipsync to one of Ru's hits like what was Jessi J doing there... Awful.
  5. I really quite liked Raja’s look. Though definitely the right top 2. I am thoroughly enjoying Jaida being at the top and ahead of the pack! Deserved.
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  6. I thought they all served it on the runway which was great. Another fun episode. Annoyed that they cut out what was probably the funniest bit of the lip sync, but at least they both turned it out. The lip sync songs and the performances themselves have been really hot and cold.
  7. Yeah Trinity is a fantastic queen and I'm glad to see I've had a reason to stan her since Season 9. The only thing she can't do is write lyrics.

    I'm 99% sure the SheDevil drama was ultimately left unsolved and there was no concrete proof it was Trinity so I've never let that cloud my judgment and I found it unfair that Trinity was judged by the fans over it rather than her talent. I'm pretty selective with who I follow on social media anyway since several queens seem to pop in and say some stupid shit lately.

    To quickly clarify though, if Trinity was SheDevil then obviously the things she said were way worse than any other queen and I will revoke my stan card. I'm more referring to Trinity "admitting" to being SheDevil which was debatable because no one is sure if she was trolling.
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  8. She's mentioned foreskin and tea a number of times.
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  9. Do you think? I think even the lesser good ones (Jinkx, Viv, Raja) would have been solid safe placements on any season, and the rest were all really high quality.

    I actually think the most well made and effective thing on the runway was Shea's shoulders going into that headscarf. It was stunning. It's a shame the bottom half let it down a bit.
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  10. Monet is fire on Twitter today.
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  11. Jinkx is eating this season up. Even when she doesn't get near the top, she still gets a lot of screentime and focus the narrative around her. Plus is showing lots of charm and vulnerability.
  12. Trinity absolutely ate this week's challenge up even though the silhouettes have repeated themselves with her just a bitsy. Such a shame Jaida didn't pull out the win but these lip synchs are absolutely terrible and I hate it. And last but certainly the least The Viv just fucking bores me to tears.
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  13. Who would have thought a near rim job would have secured Trinity's lip sync win.
  14. I understand Jinkx has a very particular aesthetic, and what she made today was fine, but it had zero relation to the original look… it’s just like can you ever do anything outside of your comfort zone? Every other queen is so versatile lookswise and there’s Jinkx in another period piece.
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  15. Rupaul needs new glasses...

    BELLA HADID, I'm so sorry sweetie.
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  16. It's impossible for Jaida to not look good. The effortless effervesce.

  17. Trinity is gaining my heart on this season, she seems like a genuine sweetheart altogether.
  18. I'm still in awe of how Trinity made that in what a day and half? Absolutely stunning.
  19. Jaida and Trinity honestly might be the two best queens that the show has ever produced. They just both make what they do seem so effortless, and they’re joyous to watch.

    Crown them both.
  20. I can't believe this season is making me enjoy Trinity, but I am here for it.
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