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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 7

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. This makes me scream. I love Bob's relationship with... Literally everyone. Monet, Peppermint, Thorgy, Bianca. She is one of the funniest drag queens in the history of the art form and I live.
  2. I adore her and she was easily the most charming personality of the season but saying Jaida had a near perfect run feels revisionist.

    Her wins were more than earned but realistically I’d say she spent at least half of the challenges in the bottom half of the performers.
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  3. Yeah, I love Jaida so much and I think she held her own throughout which satisfies me but she struggled with a lot of the speaking challenges.
  4. Yeah Jaida is my fave of the cast, but you guys are lying to yourselves. She was only high once besides her 2 wins and that was for the Christmas acting challenge which she was awful in.
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  5. Valentina teasing that she’s hosting DR Mexico?

    I just know one of the challenges is going to be

  6. Sounds like an audition for the job.
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  7. 3 new international series incoming it seems

  8. Pablo Vittar pretty much has to host Brazil Drag Race, no?
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  9. Not to be that girl but she could have been in the top for this:

    Even though I can't

    is the only thing I remember from that challenge
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  10. Definitely deserved it over Trinity in Week 1.
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  11. Yeah, Jaida and Jinkx should have been in the top over Yvie and Trinity in week 1.
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  12. More likely than not it will be Grag Queen, who won Queen of the Universe.
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  13. Grag Queen is great!
  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  15. Beyoncé Beyoncé
    Shakira Shakira
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  16. Queen of all queens!!

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  17. I'm glad this is back! I can't wait for T E A.
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  18. Bob was hangry and over it from the get go I feel, which is a shame. It kept the prodding to get some juicy tea out of Monet to a bare minimum and he wasn't all that enthused to rewatch something he already reviewed a few months back.
    And Legends is a bop.
  19. Yeah I didn't enjoy Bob's energy here at all. He just wasn't into it. Even a few times when Monet was feeling herself and giggling, Bob was over it and saying "what you laughing for?" before moving the conversation on.
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  20. Yeah I’m enjoying the recap mostly for the tea Monet is spilling. Bob was pissing me off with how negative he was being the entire episode. He spent so long pointing out Monet’s flaws and I was like oh my god let’s move the conversation on!!

    Hopefully this was just due to him being hungry and won’t be indicative of the energy he will bring to these episodes.
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