RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 8 + General Discussion

Ivy edited to look like she was saying I LOVE YOU to Jinkx but it was her grandma.
I randomly think about Vivienne Pinay in her low-key iconic confessionals griping about Roxxy. "That's so annoying to me," being the meek read that flashes in my brain every now and again. "Just shut up!"
“Of course it’s a double elimination”

her trying to insert herself into the Alyssa/Coco narrative for screen time but Alyssa not wanting to talk about it was fun
The JOLT of serotonin I experienced seeing the Race Chaser Classique thumbnail back on my feed.

I really wish they would stop diverting from Classique for current seasons. Like, the thing that makes Classique so good is that the tea has been allowed to sit and steep. The gossip is out, the NDAs have expired, and... generally enough time has passed to let everyone involved look back on things with a more interesting perspective than if they were covering it as it happened.