RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 8 + General Discussion

I really enjoyed this episode until the end. Not because I didn’t think it was Jasmine’s time to go (her number has been up for a while) but because the whole thing ended up becoming redundant when a standard bottom two right after snatch game would have ended with the same result. I was expecting this twist to shake things up a bit, and I don’t think Jasmine was the worst lip sync performer overall during all 3 of her turns. I didn’t want Angeria or Bosco to go home, I just wanted… something unexpected to come out of the whole spectacle.

Jasmine came across so well, though. Here’s hoping she can fine tune her drag and come back to kill an All Stars in a couple of years.
I thought the Lipsync LalapaRuza Smackdown was going to end up with a surprise Camden elimination honestly. And it probably could've ended that way had different queens been chosen to go against her. But then she went and did kind of amazing so she earned her spot for sure. I was surprised. Not pleasantly surprised. Just surprised.

This is the best performance that's ever happened on the show bar none. It's just the perfect mix of iconic and stupid and catchy.
It's kinda a kii how the edit made Jasmine look overly confident in her performance skills and the only one enjoying the concept of a lipsync smackdown whilst the others looked utterly terrified, only to be the one who got eliminated.


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The serotonin spike I'm getting from these three moments on this show that will never be topped...(only in this order, henny!).

Nevahhh forget.

I still scream every time that Bebe does her dip. And them giving her only upper-body choreography is a kii.

Also at least Roxxxy's verse is hilarious! Timing-wise...Detox is terrible. And what the fuck is slow about it lmao.
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Legends on legends!

Did Kornbread explain why? Maybe they’re saving for 16?
I just saw via Bussy Kween’s YouTube video that they announced on Twitter that they won’t appear, citing that they’d rather focus on their transition than compete. I’m finding it suss that both Victoria Scone and now Kornbread are not returning to their seasons, despite being initially offered a spot.