RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 8 + General Discussion

I think they'd always cast TTT if they were casting Monet. It's a perfect storyline ready for them.
Storyline will always reign supreme with casting, especially with All Stars. Wasn't there rumours that they wanted Aja to return again quickly to All Stars 4 simply because Valentina was there, but they went with Farrah instead because Aja turned them down? World of Wonder know no bounds.
This should be a riot. Backing Jinkx, Jaida Excellessence Hall, Raja, and Monet. But I would be happy with almost any of these girls doing well and winning. Anyone but The Vivienne (She/Her) and SHEdevilBYnight basically.
Any minute w Her on our screens is a blessing

The rush I felt watching that video. What a great cast! They all looked amazing in their entrance looks! I also must have missed out on a lot of troubling behaviour from Trinity because her drag is excellent and I really don't get why people don't want her there? She served the best looks on her All Stars season and makes for really, really, really good TV! I don't even mind The Vivienne because she too is great at being a (TV) drag queen. I don't really want to see anybody go in this. I'd prefer, if they'd just compete for a win in each episode and the queen with the best track record gets the crown in the end...


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I'm glad it's AS7. The even-numbered All Stars seasons tend to be better than the odd, and if this isn't amazing, we can always look forward to the icon-ary of AS8.

But somehow I find this season to be exciting already - conceptually I wasn't a fan, but the girls showed up and they look good't.


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It's a great cast but while I realise it would've been a struggle booking wise, I kind of wish it was just an all standard season winners first, but that's me being picky maybe. It'll be interesting seeing Shea and Trinity together again though, and at least Raja and Jinkx are there - easily 2 of the show's biggest legends so I'm very much here for more of them.