RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 8 + General Discussion

It happened. A queen is wearing in her confessionals an Asos item I too own but have never worn.
Aura's mesh top ddd
*kisses arms*

I enjoyed the episode a lot. This was Sasha's win but I'm guessing they're spreading wins which I'm not mad about. I actually like Aura and love seeing her win. Sad to see Robin go, she was very watchable when she was on.
Amused that there wasn't a single word about Spice completely ignoring the genre her team fought so hard for and doing her own thing, bless her. If storyline had required it they would have gone in on her for that. She stuck out in that group like Avril Lavigne at Bloodstock!
I don't understand this comparison AT ALL. Avril has been dead for 19 years and was cloned. That's metal as hell.
Spice had none of that impact.
Loved the challenge, but didn’t love the episode.

The judging was whack. Sasha was kind of the standout but I would have given a group win to the country team - Luxx and Marcia deserved to be in the top. It would have been carrying Salina a bit but she still did well. Aura was good, decent, did well, top half, but it was a very odd pick as winner.

My biggest gripe was down as at the bottom though. Spice, safe, HOW. Easily the weakest performance of the entire bunch, literally a tenth of what Jax gave. Nah.
Ross Matthews and Carson Kressley being credited as producers for this episode
The producers must have stopped the cameras and told the queens to fight over country and metal for drama. That exchange seemed really forced.

Episode was boring. Untucked was great.