RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 8 + General Discussion

William on Race Chaser not classique loves to embellish the truth. Like he was where the Drag Race UK was filmed in 10 days rumour came from.

Whilst I’m absolutely sure Willam often has a flair for the dramatic, I don’t particularly think he was extending what he’d heard by too much on either of these occasions.

He pretty much recounted exactly what Malaysia said (which, as @BEST FICTION pointed out, is weird given that she’s now trying to shift the blame when she’s basically caught in 4K), and with the Drag Race UK S3 rumour, that seemingly originated from A’Whora, corroborated by Tayce, both of whom had a laugh about it afterwards.
I hate episodes where they can't justify the elimination of the obvious one to go but they do it anyway! Salina was probably the best in the Rusical jeez. AND she won that lipsync easily.

I love Loosey too and I don't think she deserved to be there either. I love Anetra but I don't think she deserved that win? Nothing makes sense. Not that this is anything new for Drag Race but when it's THAT obviously a fake narrative I hate it so much.
I wish Loosey had just been like "I want this role because it's the lead role", too. How often does the clear lead role of the Rusical not win? I'd be interested in seeing the stats on that. The Rusical roles are so skewed towards bigger and smaller roles. And they write out descriptions of each role to try to coax the queens into picking certain ones. So i'm sure the producers had Luxx in mind for the lead, so it's kind of all a gag. Anetra had the storyline going into this one though and she really killed that ballad lipsync. Well deserved win. And Miss Walk That Fucking Duck winning a challenge for a ballad... That's cool, Good for her.

Anyways- they all did great so it really did just come down to track record this time.