RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 8 + General Discussion

I was glad to see the girls showing each other love upon Loosey’s exit. Nice to see them hashing it out yet actually no bad blood. That was ultimately the correct elimination leading up to the Final 4.

Anetra stays one of the hottest queens ever.
I know they said Jennifer Coolidge but Luxx's daughter was totally giving DELTA WORK to me.

Luxx devoured her lip sync - every second of it. This is a great top four. This has been a great season so far. This has been a great cast. Can't wait for the finale.

Loosey's brother is TRADE.

Yeah I was seeing Delta Work too.

I wouldn't say she devoured the Lip Sync. When she clearly new like 1/10th of the words to that song.

If it was dance for your life then yeah she devoured.
Yeah no sorry, Loosey was correct to say she felt slighted because the riggory and bakwaas of the judging this week was so obvious. Luxx didn’t know a single word and was flailing around to mask it.

Of course Sasha continues to be the mother we all deserve. The way she’s just been a joy to watch this entire season and hasn’t taken anything too seriously been so fun to watch. Her family resemblance was incredible too.

Anetra, my thirst only ever grows. I want Sasha and Anetra in the Top 2 in the finale. It makes sense and fits right in with my fantasy.

Both Luxx and Mistress were the weakest for me this week. I didn’t see what the judging were gushing about at all. Both their teachers looked a mess and if you’re gonna read Loosey for her shoes then at least do the same for Mistress!!! So jarring.

Despite not being happy with this week’s outcome, this is a very entertaining top 4 we have and I can appreciate that. I wanna know why last year they were happy to have a Top 5 finale but this year they’re potentially doing a Top 3 finale? Is there no budget this season????
Sasha won this week by a country fucking mile, in my opinion. Anetra was second and Mistress was a fairly distant third.

As for Luxx, sheesh, no. Everything was awful. The makeover was terrible, but Luxx herself looked dreadful. That outfit was a crime. She looked like she had barely any makeup on and her wig was just plonked on her head.

In terms of Luxx and Loosey, sorry but there was an absolute chasm between them in terms of the quality of what they did. I thought Loosey's teacher looked good (awful shoes aside).

Still, it's an excellent top 4.