RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 8 + General Discussion

This was literally the best episode ever, just one hour of queer excellence! I was smiling and laughing (and getting emotional) from the jump.

The way I am #teamAnetra #teamSasha #teamMistress and #teamLux and all four are amazing and fierce and lovely. I do not care who wins they're all winners. I love them and get them and want the best for them all. Now get to Europe girls.
Not sure if it was just me but when Ru said "Sasha Colby, condragulations...!" I thought mother had won the entire season ALSJSLDFJLF. Her power. Or maybe it was Ru's delivery, which is fitting!

Just crown Sasha, the rest are all All Stars material.
Ru’s Blame It On The Edit to be completely tone deaf as far as the mental health of anyone who has felt frustrated at how things turned out for them - the increasingly parody-like edit is what drives me mad about this show as drag queens are the last people who need manipulated to get drama out of.

I screamed when Alaska referred to the song as the gaslighting anthem of the generation. I do wonder, however, who inspired the song. Phi Phi?
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I hope they continue giving a final win at this challenge cause so many queens were robbed for their verses. Imagine Shea with her 5th win after Category Is??

My baby girl Luxx robbed again but it’s fine, she still devoured. I genuinely love all 4 of the top girls and I’ll genuinely be happy for any of them winning. They’re all so great.
Really great top 4 this season, probably my favourite finalists since season 12. Any of them could win. I’m still team Anetra or Sasha but any would be deserving. Excited for the reunion.
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She / Her
Sasha devoured the entire episode.
This look, verse, and delivery? I mean, come on!

I GASPED when this verse started. So much serve effortlessly jam-packed into just a few seconds. The contrast between this and the other girls trying to squeeze in as many words as possible is astounding, which is to say nothing of her OUTFITTTTTTTTTT for this scene and her absolutely captivating on-camera energy... I'm afraid it's time to give Sasha the keys to the franchise Mawma Ruth Pole.
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I love her with every fibre of my being my god. She’s so mother.

I really enjoyed the episode overall - I could see the double shantay coming but it’s definitely justified. This is such a strong and dynamic top 4 - the best top 4 in a while.

Sasha looked sensational in the music video - jaw to the floor stunning. London also ate. Even if Anetra (ugh, my thirst continues) and Mistress were considered “weaker” they both still killed it.

I’m really looking forward to the reunion and finale. It’s been great that we’ve had two very strong seasons back to back now. Post season 10 it felt like the quality of the show was touch and go. Season 12 was solid and the distraction we needed at the start of Covid but season 11 and 13 remain their worst seasons by a country mile.
I still can’t get over Sasha’s alien video look. Shoot!