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RuPaul's Drag Race: AS2, S9, AS3, S10

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Thoughts are that Tyra is gross and Shangela is and always will be, an All Star.

    There’s absolutely an issue with non-white queens not getting their dues and being pushed aside in favour of white queens, however going after Trixie so viciously is not only incredibly distasteful but also really going about it in the wrong way. If you’re going to be so catty you should be directing it towards those who actually engineered a Trixie win, and enable racial bias feeding into the show. Plenty of us viewers can and have criticised the show for not crowning the deserving front runner (sans BenDeLaCreme); this post from Tyra is just shitty, misguided and it matches her attitude.
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  2. Great episode! I thought that Ru would've kept both of them to be honest, so I hope we see Vanessa come back sometime in the future. Aquaria also didn't come off as bad as I thought she might in the episode. Yuhua for the crown!

    Also, I noticed only two season 9 queens, Peppermint and Jaymes. I love Jaymes so I'm happy to see him getting some airtime. Why do you think no one else was there?
  3. She should also be part of the judging panel.
  4. Sis May in Ibiza? You won’t be wearing no two piece. Maybe underneath.

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  5. All Vanessa needed was a belt.
    I’m sad she went.
  6. I need a gif of her peaking through the curtain.

    Also, what a start to season 10! Strong cast, amazing looks, references from seasons past (I screamed when they mentioned Ivy). The mini challenge was insane, the maxi challenge was a great homage, Xtina was legendary, and I loved the song they picked!

    I'm gagging and I don't care if I die! I want more!
  7. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Ddd you mean Phoenix dddd
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  8. Aquaria is starting to grate on me already

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  9. I loved Christina's entrance. I'm so excited for Alyssa Edwards next week! Kalorie killed the lip-sync even if her outfit was awful.
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  10. Just say kimonogate, seeing as y'all can't tell your basic white gays apart.
  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Vanessa didn't deserve to go first. They should really stop with Cracker v Aquaria stuff because it's just uncomfortable and not helping either of them. And Asia was...weirdly a non-entity in this episode.
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  12. Kameron looks like a straight guy they put in drag for a makeover challenge.
    Miz Cracker, Yuhua and Monet are the best for me so far! Sad to see Vanessa go, but her lipsync was terrible... Xtina killed it. I dread watching Untucked, because Aquaria already got on my nerves during the main show.
  13. Vanessa was pure entertainment tonight and I am MAD that she is gone, but Kalorie really turned out that lip sync so werk I guess. Honestly I thought Dusty’s outfit was shocking and would have placed her in the bottom along with Kalorie.

    Blair shouldn’t have been high to be honest, the look was a mess. Yuhua is an early fave but Miz Cracker is for sure my top pick, hoping she can make it all the way.
  14. there were few things I didn't feel but this cast is fucking GOLD and ripe! soo goooood

    here for almost all of them and the drama. Monet and Cracker let me love you
  15. That was a lot to take in! Definitely keen to rewatch and spot some of my favourite old faces. I think my favourite moment was just Darienne shouting I LOVE BREAD. QUEEN.

    I think Miz Cracker would have deserved the win but I'm not mad at Mayhem taking it, it was a very sweet moment and she did look expensive. Blair seems to have divided the crowd but I do think she looked like she had a presence and given I was expecting precisely nothing from her, she impressed me.

    Monique shaking her head at the judges cracked me up though. She was very entertaining on Untucked but I am still on the fence whether she's great or annoys me. One who definitely annoys me is Aquaria, very unlikable so far.

    Overall feeling:
    Great: Mayhem, Monet, Eureka (imperfect but I will never not love her and thought she looked stun), Cracker, Yuhua, Vanessa (:()
    Good: Asia, Blair
    Middling: Kalorie (tragic but likeable), Monique, Dusty,
    Bye: Aquaria, Kameron, Vixen

    So sad we lost Vanessa, she gave great value. But considering I thought she won the mini challenge (which would have been nice compensation for her), the lip sync was weak from her and that surprised me. I don't think Kalorie particularly turned it bar that one great moment either, but it was enough. I'm sad and I hope she comes back at some stage.

    Doh at me knowing Christina was on but not clocking she hadn't turned up so getting legit excited about a returning queen, I enjoyed how they did that though.

    Enjoyable episode. MUCH improved Untucked, a good start.
  16. I don’t know if it’s an indication of who does well but
    Eureka and Blair St Clair
    have both signed with Producer Entertainment Group, who manage Michelle and a lot of the A-list queens (Sharon, Jinkx, Katya, Bebe etc). In the past, their signings have indicated who makes it far (Peppermint last year, Bob and Thorgy the year before).
  17. [​IMG]
    (though I really don't dislike Blair as much as I thought I would dd. Eureka can choke.)
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  18. I'm watching Untucked and i'm screaming at Christina, she's is such a hunty.

    She was living for the queens living for her and you could see her camping it up even more when she explained that the person she wrote Fighter about was a gay man.
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  19. Watching Untucked and I think Monique is going to be the meme queen; I lost track of how many times she screamed.
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  20. I can already see Lee Dawson recycling that Pepperming scream/eagle flying joke for his first s10 rucap.
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