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RuPaul's Drag Race: AS2, S9, AS3, S10

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Maybe it was the atrocious way she was reading Alexis Michelle's cue cards, but Aquaria reminds me of an alien who's not trying that hard to impersonate a human being.
  2. Uno


    Vanessa is officially my favorite first boot, ever.

    It’s not saying much, but I did really enjoy her.
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  3. I think this stems from her feeling kind of an outsider in a season that seems so clique-based right from the start. Now, there are some absolutely incredible queens from the NYC bunch, but the clique mentality among contestants is what usually brings out the worst out of this show. This is especially blatant after All Stars 3, but we also have Rolaskatox or even the Heathers right there. So, for the Vixen to be so unapologetically Chicago and fierce means 1) the other girls feel threatened because they know they can't pull her to their side and 2) she won't put up with the fake alliances that will inevitably come up.

    It would be absolutely iconic for her to stir the pot from the outside and show that, no matter the premises, RuPaul’s Best Friend Race this is not.
  4. Also I lived for The Vixen’s outfits? But I’ve never minded rough around the edges queens.
  5. The Vixen claiming Cracker faked her way to Drag Race over a makeup argument...

    I want to like her, but she's making it a challenge right now.
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  6. The queens based on the first episode I'm watching out for are Asia O'Hara, Mayhem, Miz Cracker, Vixen, and Monet X Change.

    Vixen is actually on my radar as one to watch because I don't think we've seen the best from her even though I enjoyed her looks this week. I'm also not putting any thought into that fake ass makeup argument.

    Kalorie out of drag is sort of cute, dat ass....

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  7. Dddd The Vixen went from 0 to 100 in that Cracker/Aquaria conversation and the other girls were quick to end the discussion.
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  8. Aquaria is my baby but this made me howl.

    I’m really hoping this jealousy edit is short lived as it just ends up doing a disservice to Aquaria; sis you don’t need the air time, you’ll get it either way. It hardly has an impact on Cracker who’s so sharp and unbothered she’s practically already levitating over the rest of the queens.
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  9. [​IMG]

    I know what you meant, I was only making fun of the way you worded... all sun no shade there
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  10. Uno


    I apologize if I came off catty! Rough morning.
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  11. She's not gonna be my favourite but Blair brought it to the runway this week. A good look and she had the presence to present it. I'm a bit surprised by how quick people are to dismiss her as being out of her depth.
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  12. Am I the only one who thought Blair's look was awful?
  13. It was kinda horrible and endearing at the same time, so... yeah and no
  14. The imagery.
  15. I was blessed to be in the presence of the Vixen last night along with Adore and Laila but enough about them ddd and she seemed really nice. Clearly she's amping it up for the cameras but like sis, don't be going 0-60 just yet, especially with Aquaria who makes watching paint dry seem entertaining.
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  16. Great first episode and it seems like a great cast of queens.

    -Mayhem looked great but I didn't think she should have won. Cracker definitely edged it for me.
    -Cracker in general is just incredible. Stan already.
    -Xtina was life itself
    -The mini challenge was great
    -I thought Mónet's runway look was absolute ass. Vanjie and Kalorie were worse, so it's not like she should have been bottom 2 or anything but she needs to step it up. She stood up for Cracker though so a bad runway is forgiven
    -The Vixen was talking shite in untucked
    -Kalorie should have been first out but her lip sync was better so what can you do?
    -Eureka is still shit.
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  17. Euracistika needs to go. Have I mentioned that yet? Her trying desperately to keep up with cringe-inducing ""sass"" was giving me douche-chills.
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  18. There was an urge to root for her last season since ya know repping my hometown and all but then the videos of her shit came out and it was like nope.

    Let me root for Kameron instead since she's also a Tennessee hunty.
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  19. Also ew Michelle at the judges reaction to Dusty’s makeup. How predictable and repressive.
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  20. Yeah it felt very "How dare you have a distinctive feature that sets your makeup apart from the girls, chapstick and mascara from now on please. We only like fish."
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