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RuPaul's Drag Race: AS2, S9, AS3, S10

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. RJF


    Additionally, why have these girls spent the season launching these woeful arguments at Alyssa? "You get judged differently because of your individual qualities." Um.............. you mean....................... like everyone else?
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  2. I still fucking LOVE the camera dress. It was wild bitch, wild.
  3. I feel like I'm the only person here whose favorite season is Season 5. I lived for the manufactured Alyssa/Coco drama. It was the last "unpolished" season.
  4. Oh my god.

    This is like the review I read before I watched the episode that described it as an episode of a reality show David Lynch would direct.
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  5. The funnest! I was wheezing all the way through. Michelle reactions say it all, really.
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  6. But to sail through something has positive connotations? It doesn't suggest resting on your laurels or idling your way to success, it implies that you've advanced with ease, appearing effortless, which was kind of Bianca's whole arc as a confident and seasoned queen ("they're all helping me out by being so horrible and making me look better"). Bianca, however, reacted as though she'd been accused of coasting.

    Also, "I should pick your ass just for being a cunt" was a terribly unfunny reply from a seasoned bar queen who should have better comebacks for hecklers than that. Like, as if Miss Congeniality, BenDeLa-fucking-Creme was going to come for her like that out of nowhere?!
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  7. Bianca's reaction wasn't funny in the main show but I found her hilarious and back to normal in Untucked.

    "I don't have time for this - I've got to keep sailing through the competition."
  8. Bianca did explain on Whats the Tee that Bendela was a bit of a cunt off camera which I'm curious about.
  9. Whilst I agree that Bianca perhaps interpreted 'sailing' as more like 'coasting', thus eliciting an oddly spiky reaction from her, like @Kirkland, I don't entirely believe that Ben's comments weren't laced with an ulterior motive. Everyone loves and roots for an underdog (exhibit A: the show's producers with Pearl), and so implying that Bianca *yawn* had absolutely zero *yawn* competition definitely could've put a seed of doubt in Ru's mind as to casting a winner, particularly after the previous winner had been a fairly conventional comedy queen, and the season at hand presented particularly fresh, likeable talent in the form of Adore etc. By season 6, Ru was definitely beginning to become aware of the public's consensus of the show and its stars - as seen by the dramatic u-turn on S7's outcome.

    Now, Bianca literally made it impossible for Ru et al to even consider putting her in the bottom, but if she were to have stumbled afterwards, you can see why the producers may have been tempted (off the back of Ben's comment) to make an explosive 'falling from grace' episode, akin to Alaska in AS2.
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  10. This is so unnerving, it's like an art-house film.

    I love it.
  11. The Ru-Union, The Silence Cut, and Katya's Bizarre Video of her own has inspired me to make a film again after finishing my Filmmaking degree three years ago (with a dissertation film centering on drag) and doing nothing with it.


  12. "I'm very afraid of bees."
    "Have you seen My Girl?"
  13. I'm living for Trixie's goth changeup and especially Katya's Insidious realness here - every time she started gnawing on that rubber chicken I was dying.
  14. Sam


    I fucking love the pair of them.

    That rubber chicken was painfully unfunny though.
  15. Ohhh the Party City showdown that controlled the rest of the season happened a lot earlier than I remember. It gave us a whole 9 episodes to watch a controlled meltdown.

    Also, it's ridiculously laughable that entire fight began over Sharon trying to have a 1-on-1 with Phi2 about something that was said onstage -- and Phi Phi talking mess about Sharon the prior 3 episodes THEN saying she should've thanked her for the challenge win

    The absolute delusion
  16. I always wonder how played up some of the fights were. In Untucked Sharon and Phi Phi sometimes appear to be fine. Especially in the frenemys challenge. I never understood why in the reunion Chad only went after PhiPhi for going after William when it had been building with the other 5 before that. It was also Phi Phi AND Sharon who tried to get Latricie to throw the contest so William would be bottom 2.

    It's the same with Season 5. Coco seem to be there just to have conflict with Alyssa, who just seemed a bit confused by why Coco was being so spikey after the first episode or 2.

    With regards to All Stars 2 reunion. It was awkward and clunky. Especially when Ru was dragging Phi Phi and trying to be funny and only about 2 or 3 of the 9 queens actually laughed.
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  17. Thus really sums up Phi Phi in general. She blindly believes that she was screwed over by the edit and fails to realise that she uttered everything caught on camera in both Season 4 and All Stars 2. She can try and convince people as much as possible that she a sweetheart but there is a dark and very angry person bubbling under the surface.

    She needs professional help.
  18. This started.

    Wait at some parts being fairly decent, budget-wise for reality TV standards, then some being like high school home video. Entertaining ish. What was that Elimination challenge though...also why was she eliminated what's going on I'm confused

    The Boulet Bros have no personality as hosts.
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  19. Nope, its mine to. It was SICKENING and much more interesting than Season 4 in my eyes. Roxxxy absolutely MURDERING the main stage, Jinkx at the Snatch Game, Jinkx in the telenovela challenge, Jinkx in general, Alyssa vs. Coco, the iconic Serena vs. Everyone, Alyssa's back rolls, Alyssa full stop, that fucking ICONIC Cold Hearted lip sync, the wig-under-a-wig, Ru leaving us all bald with the double elimination.... it was RELENTLESS.
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