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RuPaul's Drag Race: AS2, S9, AS3, S10

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. I think they're filming right now, and before the announcement.
  2. A lot of high profile queens would go missing at the same time, we'd just figure it out anyway.
  3. Some random news about who could and couldn't be taking part but i'll put it under a spoiler incase people don't want to know.

    Filming is said to start between August 13th or 15th and numerous queens have cleared their schedule such as Ginger Minj and Adore Delano who has cancelled her dates from August 13th to the start of September which likely confirms her to be involved in All Stars in some ways. Willam has booked a show for mid August and he will be covering the dates that Adore has cancelled which rules Willam out of All Stars.
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  4. Looking at the schedules of the queens and here are some spoilers!

    1. Milk - Currently has a gig at the end of August in Mexico

    2. Ben Delacreme - Still has gigs scheduled around the country for Terminally Delightful during the filming dates.

    3. Miss Fame - Filling in for Adore's cancelled appearances

    4. Pearl - Has multiple gigs during the filming dates.

    5. Willam - Has been very vocal about the fact that she has not been asked.

    6. April Carrion - Still has a gig for August 26 in Indianapolis.

    7. Stacey Layne Matthews - Still has a gig for September 4 in Indianapolis.

    8. Trixie Mattel - Multiple gigs during filming.

    9. Morgan McMichaels - Show in Nashville on 23/8.

    10. Gia Gunn - Show in Florida on 22/8

    11. Courtney Act - gigs August 18th, 19th and 20th, + with the Glamcocks at Burning Man September
    1. Adore Delano - Talked on a podcast about "taking some time off at the end of August to relax." Has been replaced by Fame and Sharon on numerous cancelled dates.

    2. Alaska - Rescheduled some gigs, her schedule is open at the suspected time, bitter producer that was fired said she was on

    3. Alyssa Edwards - Pretty much the same reason as Alaska.

    4. Katya - Pretty much the same reason.

    5. Laganja Estranja - Screenshots have been circulating of her manager confirming she won't be available for bookings until September 22nd at the earliest.

    6. Phi Phi O'Hara - Canceled a high profile gig at a GenCon.

    7. Victoria Porkchop Parker - Supposed T about arguments between Porkchop and Mimi that a user posted which contained screenshots of texts from Mimi to Porkchop stating that Porkchop needed to stop telling people that she has been casted on AS2. The post has since been deleted. Shaky as to whether Porkchop is really on or not.

    8. Ginger Minj - Has canceled gigs from August 15-September 11.

    9. Detox - Has canceled a gig scheduled for August 23, has been replaced by Violet Chachki.
  5. I'm perched for Adore if she's on. One of my favourite queens ever but I've heard really negative reviews about her drag lately so it could be a disaster.

    I can't with Ginger Minj. Literally cannot. Leave. Bye.
  6. I'm going to be really bummed if Porkchop's on, mostly because I feel like she doesn't have a whole lot more to offer outside of what we've seen of her at the reunions. It feels a bit early for Ginger to be on too, doesn't it? Then again, Chad was on All-Stars S1 not much longer after Season 4.
  7. The relationship Ginger has with the producers is mind boggling. She just came off a season where she failed to wow the audience despite numerous undeserved top spots and unrealistic compliments. She is not even memorable in a "season 7 villain" way due to the various attempts at "showing vulnerability" with fabricated, unconvincing sob stories.
    No one cares for her. No one is checking for her after the show. Hell, no one even checked for her during the show. Her social media numbers are lower than Max's even.
    This is all stars, it's a place for either fan favorites or widely memorable queens that had great potential, not for a middling actor in shit dresses with uncreative jokes, terrible shade game and a huge lack of self awareness.
    Why is she potentially here again? She is the Jessie J of drag, it needs to stop.
  8. The best thing about the first All Stars was that cast reveal teaser, so I hope they do something similar this time around.

    When they say 'right after season 8', do they mean literally back-to-back? I had assumed they'd keep it for Fall.
  9. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Team Tatiana for AS2.
  10. I'm crying hahahah
  11. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Although really I'm all for bringing back Latrice, Manila, Raven, Juju, Tammie, and Nina. For the most part they hit the cast out of the park last time around and it'll be a bit sad not seeing some of these superstars again, especially for how shit AS1 was.
  12. If they brought Raven back she'd finish 2nd again so everyone can freak out and get angry when she's robbed for a 3rd time!
  13. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Raven has a sense of humor about it now… I don't know if she could stomach being runner up again though.
  14. Agree. Part of the reason I loathe All Stars 1 and all its shenanigans is for the complete waste and mistreatment of all the people involved. If producers were throwing the likes of Rebecca Glasscock and Venus under the bus, it would be one thing, but Manila, Raven and Nina deserved a fair chance for the crown, Jujubee deserved a chance to win an individual challenge, Pandora deserved a chance to be terrible at everything again and finally get dragged for it.
    Now we're probably never get to see these queens competing again just cause producers decided to criminally play with them in order to give bloody Chad Michaels a crown.

    To add dirt to the wound, we will probably never have a cast so strong and so "correct" as the one we had for the first season. Sigh.
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  15. No one from the first season of All-Stars is crying themselves to sleep. They *are* All-Stars in the shows history and got the increase in booking fees they needed. I'd argue the earlier queens like Tammie, Nina etc could do with more exposure now but even so, they're known. It doesn't keep them up at night.
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  16. I'm here for Tatiana being part of All-Stars 2... As long as she doesn't win.
  17. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I don't care if they're losing sleep! I'm losing sleep because I sure as fuck wanna see Tammie Brown or Latrice Royale on AS2 over Ginger fucking Minj.
  18. I wouldn't mind if Porkchop was there. They need an obligatory "not an All Star" contestant. AS1 had Mimi after all.
  19. Ginger Minj fits Mimi's role well already though.
  20. Or anybody from Season 7 barring Katya and possibly Trixie. The lack of star power was diabolical.
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