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RuPaul's Drag Race: AS2, S9, AS3, S10

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Except the producers won't do the right thing and axe her on the first episode.
  2. I actually somewhat liked Mimi on AS1. She broke a bit on Untucked but at that stage she had already had Pandora be crap with her (as no one wanted to pair with Pandora either) and Raven was a bit of a sod to her.
    Mimi did seem to want to try her best but Pandora admitted defeat the second they where paired together.
    Also, Latrice did awful on her AS season. She did not bring her A game at all and I sort of feel if it had been individuals Manilla would have been top 3 again*. I do like Latrice but wouldn't be too broken up to not see her do anything 'Drag Race' related again and certainly don't feel she deserves a third chance after she messed up her second.

    *Manilla is also the only one in All Stars who didn't come across badly. Tammie and Nina aswell, but they did deserve to go episode 2 based on their performance.
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  3. Raven is one of my favorite queens, but she was absolutely awful to Mimi in that first episode. At the time I thought she deserved it, but looking back it was Pandora they all should've torn into for almost immediately throwing her hands up and basically pouting her team's way into elimination because she didn't like her teammate, like it was middle school gym or something.

    I hope WOW has their shit together for this season. I really don't think I could take another challenge as diabolical as the Gaff-In or another queen awkwardly shoehorning in references to [insert currently popular movie series here] at every conceivable opportunity.
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  4. This is the best.

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  5. All of this is true especially the bolded part!

    Porkchop will be hilarious in an unintentional, train wreck kind of way.
  6. Porkchop is an awful casting choice. She hasn't shown a drop of personality anytime I've seen her pop up.
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  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    One of the few things she can fit.
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  8. That and a $5 appearance at Hamburger Mary's into her schedule.
  9. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Does anyone know the full story about why Willam was cast in all stars then they took it away?
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  10. Willam and Shangela needed to be in AS1, They are a big part of the shows history whether you like them or not.
  11. Willam had started talking negatively about Logo and World Of Wonder whilst the casting was being done, after it was noticed Willam was told she wasn't needed anymore but she had already bought her makeup and outfits so she was pissed that she was out of pocket.
  12. And she responded by unleashing RuPaulogize which I absolutely live for.
  13. Yep, we're getting 8 episodes after all. It's an improvement, I guess.
  14. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    12 queens, one elimination each episode works out to a top 4. Or maybe there's a double elimination the first episode.
  15. I really hope this is the case though. That 'working in teams'-thing was all kinds of fuckery.
  16. Got my #TeamAlaska "Your Makeup Is Terrible" Tee through the post today, it's got alaska's name on the return address and everything (inc. Thunderfuck)

    American sizes are huuuge though, I thought as Small/Medium in the UK i'd be a solid M in the US, nope, M is huuuugggee.

    I'm so ready for a decent All Stars season, the premise has SO much potential

  17. Oh no, a queen with makeup and outfits, they will definitely go unused.
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  18. Uno


    Would they have paid for the clothes/make-up if she was cast...? Why wouldn't it be out of pocket?
  19. The queens are paid a booking fee is they're cast on all stars which would cover the makeup and costume but they cut Willam before the final casting was done so yeah she was left out of pocket because she was pretty much guaranteed a spot on AS1 only for it to be taken away days before the final casting was done
  20. Aren't most drag items worth 1p?
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