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RuPaul's Drag Race: AS2, S9, AS3, S10

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Not speaking from experience here but most drag queens tend to use really expensive makeup for the best results, and Willam has really expensive taste hence why she spent her booking fee before even being told she was definitely casted.
  2. I had the very scary thought the other day that if they do teams again, we're probably getting Katya with Ginger...
  3. Katya said in a Reddit AMA that if she was on All Stars 2 and they used the team format again, she would want to be with Alaska. Imagine.
  4. Sign me up for this puhleese.
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  6. You'd think the super expensive makeup would be able to hide the 5 o'clock shadow.

    I love Willam really.
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  7. He's not bad at hiding it sometimes - I showed a friend Boy Is A Bottom recently and they were shocked to find out that he wasn't a biological woman.

    I kind of love his "man in a dress" aesthetic though - it goes with his personality. I think so many people have pointed it out by now that he's just like "fuck it" and doesn't bother to even try to go for realness anymore. Queen of life.
  8. I still love it when he name drops the labels he's wearing.

    "This is Versace GODDAMMIT!"

    What a flawless queen.
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  9. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    On the show he was wearing makeup actually meant for women. Since he saw his own beard he's switched to heavier brands like OCC.
  10. I love Detox's promotional photos for OCC. In fact its probably the only time post-Drag Race Ive been able to stomach her.
  11. I wouldn't mind having Detox back, actually. She was going through all sorts of emotional problems back in season 5 and I'd like to see what she can do now. She had some great looks (that reunion look remains the best reunion look ever) and was very polished, if she developed her acting skills, I reckon she could go far.
  12. And Roxxxy will likely not be there, so she can actually focus on being the HBIC instead of constantly trying to one up her frenemy.
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  13. Someone on reddit has done a Nekci Menij version of Drag Race. Your results may vary, but I chortled:

  14. Do people actually laugh at this?
  15. A ripoff of a ripoff of a meme. Incredible.

    (Nekci Menij has its moments. That...)
  16. Rmx


    So which thread do we discuss the Tyra "kill yourself" mess in? Most unnecessary thread split ever if you ask me but ok. Just tell me where to go and I'll be fine.
  17. There is no general drag race thread so here should be fine, Her dismissing Michelle when she was trying to help her is so annoying to me!
  18. Rmx


    So yeah, in case anyone missed it. Tyra has been making fun of suicide, telling people to "kill yourself" after she was being criticised for stating that she has no sympathy for people who have committed suicide. A lovely example:


    Her well thought out tweet to Michelle:


    Here's the good thing: she has been getting the most savage butchering on Tumblr / Twitter that I have probably ever witnessed. I can't find it now but can someone please get out the post where someone posts the picture of her completely empty / non-existent queue at Dragcon?
  19. Violet said she's going to be part of the VMAs since Miley is hosting! Not Miley bringing Drag Race stars to mainstream.
  20. This photo makes me so uncomfortable because she actually won the show yet not one single fan wanted to meet her. a MESS

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