RuPaul's Drag Race: AS4 / S11/ S12 / AS5

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Well, I guess now people can’t complain about it being an all-white Hall of Fame.

But they can claim that it’s made up of 66% of queens who didn’t deserve the crown.

It’s just so obvious that they crowned Monét so it wasn’t an all white hall of fame and that’s so shitty on Monét cause she’ll know this and feel undeserved and shitty on Trinity as she’ll believe she wasn’t good enough for a solo win.
So let me get this straight, I haven’t watched the finale and probably won’t, Trinity was most likely the original winner but then they realised they’d probably get backlash for crowning another white All Stars winner (especially in a cast where majority of the queens were POC) so they edited in a double crowning with Monet?

Here's my biggest hang-up at the moment - everything about the crowning suggests there was a fairly last minute decision to do a double crowning - Trinity and Monét cancelling their Roscoe's booking to film their live reactions, Ru's awful-voiceover worse than anything Tyra did on ANTM, combined with the abysmal editing of two separate crownings that is quite possibly the worse editing in not just Drag Race, but any reality TV show of recent (and further) years.

And could they not have seen the possible issues? We all did the moment the cast was announced, and even before that if you knew the then-rumoured cast. We all had apprehensions about another white winner, especially in a show with a largely POC cast, and I know the producers pay attention to what people say, so were they just blissfully ignorant up until the start of this week? Or did they just think they could ignore the riots until they realised they couldn't?
Trinity deserved this win. Her look on the runway and during her lip-sync were further proof for that, if even needed since she's been smashing from her entrance in episode 1.
Terrified of being spoiled so not reading anything - sorry if this has been asked! I usually catch this on YouTube but I'm not finding anything. Anyone wanna signpost me?
I just can’t at them doing Shangela so dirty in AS3 that they thought they could remedy it by crowning Monét.

They already look back on AS3 and realised they made a mistake. Now they’ll look back on AS4 and realise the same. What fuckery will AS5 be? Just stop VH1, stop.
My winners look so beautiful
The show turned to rot the minute Manlia got eliminated.

Trinity and Monique make great runner ups but Manlia was the only queen in my opinion to have the complete package with polish this season.

Monet should have got nowhere near that crown.

Now can Shea just turn up and win All Stars 5 I feel that the viewers really need a real superstar to win again.
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