RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9/Global All Stars)

Well if this year sucks... at least there's a crop of girls you could probably get together who'd be game to bring dramatics regardless of the format of the season

Jade Jolie

Drama, chaos, confusion, and don't forget madness!

Maybe even throw Derrick or Gia in there for a kii ;ljdsakhfs
Plane, Mistress and Gia would be unhinged but unmissable television. Especially if you throw in one of the insufferable New York theatre queens for them to devour.
Valentina's very scripted meltdown is a franchise highlight in general.


AS4 would be the best season if Naomi had actually won like she should have and been given the respective edit that was clearly available from the footage we did see!
Also one thing I realized in the rewatch was that Trinity wasn't the clear frontrunner like I thought she was. The first time I watched the season, I was very new to the show so I took what the edit and track record showed me.

But now that I watched from my own perspective, I think all the four finalists could've gotten winner edits.

Trinity had her weak moments too, but the edit tried to move away from them. Naomi should've had more than just one top 2 placement. Manila could've had less. Monet didn't just win because they wanted a black queen in the hall of fame, unlike what I read back then. She had equally great moments next to Trinity. Mo Heart was better than both of them though.
This perspective is interesting to me as Jinx just seemed to have it in all winners.

She did, in my view. But based on what the criteria was during filming, you had to win the lip syncs to win the crown, then Monet absolutely won that final lip sync.

But for me, Monet and Jinkx shouldn’t have been in that final lip sync anyway as both lost their first rounds in my view. But Jinkx won the season for me and I’m not disappointed she won.

As for AS4, I need to rewatch it as it was never a fave of mine. I remember thinking Trinity and Mo were the strongest so a double crowning of both of them definitely made sense. Perhaps I’m not giving enough credit to Naomi.
All Winners was almost the perfect season until that bizarre final twist. Like, it was all celebratory throughout the season until the talent show twist, which was an obvious way to allow rigging the final results. But it kinda made the rest of the season irrelevant.
This perspective is interesting to me as Jinx just seemed to have it in all winners.

That's always been an odd narrative when she was in the bottom for more than half the competition, had several suspicious wins, and then inarguably lost the final lipsync. Being the fan favorite and the demographic the fandom gets behind the most against the demographic the fandom supports the least sure colors things differently because looking at the competition, she certainly did not dominate like most of ya'll claim she did.

They literally had to change the rules of the show in post and then put out a worse television product by completely butchering the lipsync to even attempt to justify her win.