RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9/Global All Stars)


That's always been an odd narrative when she was in the bottom for more than half the competition, had several suspicious wins, and then inarguably lost the final lipsync. Being the fan favorite and the demographic the fandom gets behind the most against the demographic the fandom supports the least sure colors things differently because looking at the competition, she certainly did not dominate like most of ya'll claim she did.ey

They literally had to change the rules of the show in post and then put out a worse television product by completely butchering the lipsync to even attempt to justify her win.

I think she (co-)dominated the season (with Monet), but her final lipsync was an epic fail.

Monet and Shea were both done dirty. Them not winning the girl group challenge was wild. They were the obvious stand-outs. I do think Jinkx obliterated some key challenges (like Snatch Game) which led to her win. I'm not mad at her winning, but would've loved a Monet win as well. It does make me a bit mad Monet did not win any prize money. As a runner-up, she should've gotten 50k.
Imagine believing Jinkx was in the bottom for most of the competiton.

AS7 was aired during my time at the military with no smartphone dd, and I could only watch it in a cafe or something when I had a short break*, so I might not remember things very well. But Jinkx was the obvious winner in my eyes from the get go. Monet got a great edit, but I don't think she was better than Trinity, Raja or even The Vivienne.

*I should probably rewatch it one of these days.
Jinkx absolutely deserved the flowers she got during the season - she was phenomenal! But if you are going to announce at the start of the season that we are working towards a lipsync battle, and you want Jinkx to win, then your best bet is probably not to give the seasons second best performer a song in which she can tear Jinkx limb from limb and devour the remains.