RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9/Global All Stars)

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Completed my AS7 rewatch and this is how I'd rank the episodes:

Those in bold are the ones that Ru didn't choose for the top 2

Rumix: Shea & Monet
Snatch Game: Jinkx & Raja
The Ball: Jada & Trinity
Improv: Jinkx & The Vivienne
Draguation Speech: Raja & Jinkx
Girl Group: Shea & Yvie
Design: Jada & Trinity
Acting: Jinkx & The Vivienne
Dance Routine: Jada & Monet
Roast: Jinkx & Trinity
Variety Show: Monet & Shea (I'd give them 2 stars instead of 3)

So not counting the blocks and other twists, this would be my tally (which is not much different than what actually happened)

Winner : Jinkx - 5
Monet -4
Shea - 4
Trinity - 3 (chosen by Monet)

The rest:
Jada - 3
Raja - 2 (Queen of She Done...)
Viv - 2
Yvie - 1

Can't wait to do the same for AS9 in real time.
We are in the middle of a major rewatch at the moment and currently on season 11. Basic outfits and glitter chest tattoo aside, Vanjie’s mug was always GREAT it’s actually shocking how much worse she’s looking these days. I can only think of one other queen who’s really changed their makeup since the show in such a negative way but I dont want to get jumped so lemme keep that to myself ddd.
Rewatching S11 was a big mistake for me. Great set of queens but those challenges were dire. The only thing I discovered was that Yvie never really won a challenge (except a shared one with Scarlet). I used to think she had a stronger run. Also A'keria was underrated AF. Not even being in the top for the ball was a crime.

The next one on my list is Season 7.
I do wonder how much better Season 11 would've been if Silky had been a little more focused and less chaotic, in turn snatching the crown. I don't think the queen with the best track record needs to win to make the season satisfying (as far back as Bebe or as recent as Willow) but Yvie's run more than any other winner's felt like a symptom of the wheels really falling off on the season about midway through.
I felt Yvie was a pre-ordained winner in the sense that a quirky queen, a 'weirdo outsider', always gets the fans onside over pageant queens. They usually always win.


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A'Keria got done so wrong in the final, I think they just saw that Yvie had more edge and that swung it for her. Brooke being the 3rd white winner in a row wouldn't have been great, but she's definitely done well for herself in the long run anyway.