RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9/Global All Stars)

Amongst many gripes about this season, the charity angle feels so dark sided and artificial. You know deep-down every one of those queens is seething below the surface when they have to mention their charity, and how 'excited' they are for their wins to contribute to it.

Nina West, Jorgeous, and to a lesser extent Vanjie, are all completely insufferable. A Roxxxy win is almost more obvious than the Shea win in AS5.

It's so clear they didn't actually come up with the choreo for the final performance in episode one, and the perfume angle on the runway felt so random.
Sorry but how do we know this? This seems like you projecting how you feel on to them?

I don't know how some of you don't get that they are all getting paid to be on? This low stakes complaint in regards to money, when the amount the winner gets isn't like they are getting a million dollars, it's 200 thousand before tax? How many winners have said the winning amount changed their lives? Its the bookings they get afterwards that matter, they would end up making much more then the winners prize.

Also most of the queen's that compete, be it a regular season or All Stars, actually don't win any money when you look at it. The wins are usually given to a select group who win multiple times, while a majority get nothing and end up in debt?

At least this season they all get paid and get their packages paid for too. If that is the only way they get queen's of this caliber to come back along with no eliminations, then that's just the way it is now. The change they might look at would be making all stars an ever 2-3 year event.


The first episode absolutely dragged. I feel like this season will be tedious.

I felt the same way. The second episode is a bit better! It felt like the girls were getting more competitive and there was some (slight) drama about the ruby snipper. I feel like this season will probably get progressively better as the dynamics between the queens start to change from besties to fierce competitors.
I feel like ANTM, Project Runway and Top Chef's initial All Stars seasons truly captured the spirit of what I think an All Stars series should be. They stacked the cast with juggernaut contestants after 5-10 seasons and raised the stakes with the prize package AND raised the bar with the expectations from the judging.

It sounds terrible but the magic of these seasons is that the critiques and eliminations would turn the casts feral and create organic, raw TV moments.
Vanjie to be the top three