RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9/Global All Stars)

Yeah that does irk me, but three of the top four would have been the same regardless, right? We have Shea in Jaida’s place ultimately. And if you really strip it back, and take away additional and gifted stars, there would have been everybody else except Yvie on two stars vying to be the fourth spot with Monet, Jinkx and Trinity. So it didn’t go completely wild but yes, it did put too much emphasis on one challenge.

At least the right top two for the week got the stars. Both were phenomenal
Did they dub Vivienne's performance or did she actually think that walking to her own song was her ticket to the finale? It was very awkward to watch and felt like she was done after 30 seconds.

Wasn’t there some T from AS5 that Juju’s song got fully laid over with the edit and Blair’s got mixed in with her live vocal? So maybe they don’t get a choice. But yeah if Viv thought lip syncing to her vocoder voice was going to be enough that was… probably foolish.
I imagine the cast will have been caught off guard that the Variety Show ended up being the final, and considerably most important challenge of the season, given that it's always the first episode in a normal All Stars season. I reckon some of them probably would've put a bit more prep into it had they known what was at stake.
Shea ate this week’s challenge that’s for damn sure. I’m a bit irked how the final four for the crown were selected though, kinda makes it pointless to be in the lead each week if everything can change based off of one challenge. But I’m not massively mad because this season overall has been so fun to watch.

I started crying when Raja started talking about their father and then to see the in loving memory tribute at the end sent me over the edge.
"What" wouldn't have happened is them making a big show of awarding 3 stars then it being of no narrative consequence, Shea was always going to win this challenge, not saying she shouldn't have but it feels hollow somewhat