RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)

Mirage’s lipsync style is just this:
It’s a lot of impressive athleticism without any real performance
You're describing Mhi'ya.


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It’s just all different styles of doing it, there’s no single correct way. You also have to be adaptable to the song, comedy won’t work for everything just like sexy and flips won’t work for everything. If you’re only good at one type then that’s what you’d chose to perform to in your own shows, but in the context of RPDR you have to be able to mix things up at least a little.
Much like learning to sew, I do think that a smart Comedy Queen would learn to dip etc. before being on Drag Race.

I know it isn't (nor should be) a requirement to be a "good queen" or a "good performer," but...neither is sewing. We've seen a lot of queens who no one thought would be able to do tricks actually do tricks, so it can be done. I think it is a skill that I would certainly try to learn before I go.

It's just one more weapon in your arshenal that could put you head of someone (especially in your third lip sync... when for some reason "being funny" three times in a row is considered "stale" by the fandom, whereas doing tricks three times in a row is considered "slay mawma").
Mirage moves her body in beyond beautiful and majestic ways, but sometimes she is lacking in the face (performance wise, because the mug is perfect).. I imagine 90% of it has to do with nerves, because I’ve seen club performances where she eats. I could see her coming back on an All-Stars with a renewed sense of self confidence where she would absolutely annihilate.
Mirage’s lipsync style is just this:
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I don’t get the hype. It’s a lot of impressive athleticism without any real performance. Put her next to Morphine - who can give sex, humour, emotion and athleticism sometimes all without the same move - and the contrast is jarring.
I don’t disagree but it’s a unique style, which is fun for me. My main problem is that she always seems a little too in her head with 8 counts or whatever. Too aloof and not embodied enough.

The Girlfriend Experience’s performance style is actually a good middle ground.
I loved this episode. I was able to empathize with almost all the cast members of the 16th edition.

If we talk about Megami, although her performances were not the best of all, I have to admit that she was fun and at least tried different angles to defeat her opponents - and that definitely paid off.

I was able to empathize with Q, finally. You can tell that she works hard to get good returns and that she is a talented queen. Look at how she, knowing her strengths and weaknesses in advance, knew that she was not going to win that championship and took it with sportsmanship. That is the attitude that she, after some years have passed, will surely take with the rest of the competitions in her life. It'll a lot of maturity, but I am sure she will get there.

Mirage was like watching water softly flowing through the river rocks. Although I adore Morphine and I will fight for her until the cows come home, the 'This Time I Know It's For Real' lip-sync was for Mirage. Her movements for the segment of the song that talks about eyes and the part that speaks about the sky seemed just sublime to me. The way she moves her body seems to be all symmetrically designed to be in harmony.

Morphine - definitely my mom. Every lip sync was delicious, but the one for 'Gonna Make You Sweat' was out of this world. Those fucking buttocks. The way she threw herself against the ground with all the rage and sheer fire that exists in the world, almost hearing the stage tremor from there to my country... there is no doubt that those 50k were for her.