RuPaul's Drag Race (AS9)

I absolutely loved the ‘reunion‘ episode - I particularly love an underdog, and wasn’t that vocal about rooting for Megami on here since she was getting eviscerated ddd but I LOVED seeing her performing in her comfort and showing us what she can do. A couple of big moments per lipsync and she did what noone was expecting! (Actually the girls STILL doubting her a few lipsyncs in was high key disrespectful)

It‘s why I try (and don’t always manage tbf) to never be like ‘ugh why have they cast this girl, she offers nothing’ - because usually they ARE great queens and DO have something to offer, it’s just not always showcased well in the parameters of what Drag Race asks of the queens.

Really glad she got to get a rudemption!
Trying to dip back into this show and seeing that they cast queens called 'Morphine', 'Mhi'ya', 'Mirage', 'Megami' and 'Xunami' all in the same season

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After watching a bunch of the lip syncs on Twitter I watched the most recent episode and was pretty blown away by Morphine's magnetism; she really channeled each performance, connected with the viewer and pulled out fresh tricks that complemented the vibe of the song. A star.

As a lifelong Valentina truther I am naturally drawn to Mirage's style of performance, even if it's a bit one-note - I love to see a pretty girl twirl, sue me! The Alone 2.0 lip sync is already an all timer for me at this point, between Mirage's precision and fluidity of movement and the goofy notes that Hershii was hitting, it really scratches an itch.

I wanna keep it positive but I needed about ten less confessionals from Plasma in the episode.
The girls being GAGGED Mimi ended up in the top in Episode 1, and then for Episode 2.
If she hadn't have done the Lift, I honestly think Mimi may have challenged the Top 7.